Zach Gorman


senior spring


Graduating '20s Reflect on their Final Dartmouth Classes

For many outgoing Dartmouth students, senior spring represents a chance to create a fitting end to their time at the College. Having finally completed their academic requirements, seniors have the opportunity to create meaningful, fulfilling academic experiences in the classroom.



The Art of the Drill

While many universities require students to take classes in a second language, Dartmouth is unique with its use of language “drill” classes. These classes serve as a supplement to students’ normal language courses and are taught by a fellow Dartmouth student — a drill instructor — who is fluent in the language. 


A First-Year's First Frost

External conditions have major impact on our daily pursuit of happiness; that is certainly true with regard to the weather. When severe weather leaves us overheated or freezing cold, it is difficult to manage to have a happy, successful day.