Shelly-Ann Scott



Comedian Rock brings his humor to the literary state in 'Rock This!'

Comedian Chris Rock's debut literary effort, "Rock This!," is a provocative, controversial and hilarious collection of the author's opinions on topics ranging from the black experience in America to keeping a marriage. Rock (his real surname) has a lot to say and he's not shy about it.


Briscoe's second novel narrates black woman's travails

"Big Girls Don't Cry" is the second novel from Connie Briscoe, and as the title hints, it tells the story of a young woman who learns to take life's hard knocks and survive them. Naomi Jefferson's beginnings are atypical of most black success stories, fact or fiction.


Aaron Spelling's 'A Prime-Time Life' is a prime-time dud

If anyone actually hoped to find out anything new about famed television producer Aaron Spelling from his recently published autobiography "A Prime Time Life," written with Jefferson Graham, then they would be better advised to wait for the unauthorized version. Spelling has produced a highly sanitized history of his years in television, with scattered tidbits of his personal life thrown in almost as an afterthought. No one is going to find any dirt in this biography, a departure from the usual fare of Hollywood tell-alls (remember "Mummy Dearest?"). Spelling seems to have decided not to ruffle any feathers in Hollywood, and to let bygones be bygones, because he has nothing bad to say about anyone or anything in this book.

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