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Trying to cull feedback, campus issue talks see low student attendance

The final set of “Campus Conversations” will take place today, concluding the Office of the President’s series of biweekly public talks with a discussion of global learning experiences at the College. Approximately 415 people have attended the talks since they began in February under the banner of “Moving Dartmouth Forward,” according to the office of public affairs, and the videotaped sessions have garnered a total of over 3,000 views.

Hanlon announces steering committee

Three professors, two administrators, four sophomores and two alumni comprise the committee, which will spend its first phase — until June 30 — gathering community input.

Service allows three riders with new rule

Up to three students can now request a secure pickup at night from Safety and Security. Previously, only a single individual could use the Safe Ride service. The policy, amended earlier this month but not announced to campus, followed requests from students who said that the former policy made them feel vulnerable, Safety and Security director Harry Kinne said.

Students to debate ending Greek system

Comparing the benefits of friendship with the dangers of hazing, the value of community with the prevalence of sexual assault and rich tradition with hurtful stereotypes, students will convene at 6:30 p.m. tonight in Dartmouth Hall to debate the potential abolition of the College’s Greek system. Mathematics professor Alex Barnett and economics and public policy professor Charles Wheelan ’88 will give opening statements, and four students will then debate, answering students’ questions submitted beforehand.

Administrators, alumni discuss professional development

Students’ familiarity with technology gives them skills that are often inaccessible to more experienced workers, but may also leave them vulnerable to social gaffes in the workplace, Center for Professional Development director Roger Woolsey said at the fourth set of “Moving Dartmouth Forward” discussions, held on Monday. About 20 alumni and administrators gathered at noon in the Hood Auditorium for the first of two discussions and spoke about Dartmouth students’ professional needs, including business etiquette, networking and communication skills.

Professors express concern with sexual assault initiatives

Since Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson announced of the creation of the Center for Community Action and Prevention in early February, a group of professors have renewed their call for an independent review of campus climate at Dartmouth and increased transparency in the administration’s decision-making process.

More women pursue degrees in science

Undergraduate women now outnumber men in the life sciences but still remain a minority of physics, engineering, math and computer science majors, department chairs said.

Profs, students, staff brainstorm D-Plan changes

The D-Plan’s flexibility is both its greatest advantage and biggest drawback, faculty, staff, alumni and students concluded at the first set of Moving Dartmouth Forward discussion sessions on Monday.