Sam Stein


The Right Response to Katrina

The effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita will be felt long after New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast are restored to their former conditions. The suffering of victims will surely linger, reconstruction costs will be felt for years and, as is the aftermath of all disasters whether man-made or natural, the government will enact long-term legislation -- and pour in billions of dollar -- aimed at deterring similar catastrophes in the future. In our efforts to improve what has been, by all admissions, an "inexcusable" disaster response capacity, we Americans would be wise to reexamine our foreign policy agenda as well.

Too Many Questions

Lost in these ceaseless accusations as to whether United States government officials dropped the ball before Sept.

A Perspective on Haiti

As I stepped outside of the moldy airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a proverbial deluge of poverty-stricken children mobbed me and my family.

In the Shadow of Janet's Boob

I like the media, I really do. I just have problems with them -- and not because of a perceived right-wing bias or because Ace was voted off Real World"Road Rules "Inferno." No, my problems stem from the media's sensationalism and detrimental sociopolitical influence.

Optimism Over Rage

As Howard Dean approached the podium two nights ago to address his political foot soldiers, a sense of perverse anxiety and curiosity must have resonated throughout the crowd -- anxiety over a distant third-place finish Dean suffered at the Iowa caucuses and curiosity over what steps the good doctor would take to revitalize his once promising, now plummeting, campaign. Meanwhile, somewhere else in this state of (as pre-caucus political analysts were more than willing to label) "independent people," John Edwards, a candidate whom filmmaker Michael Moore described as having "not much there, there," addressed a crowd of different psychological standing.

The Trials of Pete Rose

In a peculiar twist of fate, Pete Rose, famed baseball star and gambling aficionado, admitted to a decade of sequential lies about his propensity for deleterious betting binges and actually lost the adoration of the baseball hierarchy.

Accepting Our Label

Since President Bush and Co. recently announced that they were turning over to Iraqis increased security and governing responsibility , there have been several ominous developments that have deepened my anxiety over this Iraq calamity (for lack of a more objective term). To begin with, amid a wave of anti-American attacks the enigmatic Trent Lott dropped this little sound bite: "Honestly, it's a little tougher than I thought it was going to be [in reference to Iraq]." Then he added, "If we have to, we just mow the whole place down and see what happens." Holy crap!

On Playing Sisyphus

Everything seemed to be falling into place for the Democratic Party. The month of October saw some of the most redemptive and satisfying political highs Democrats had enjoyed in months.

Good Fences and Bad Neighbors

If there is such a thing as a certainty in Arab-Israeli bio-politics it is this: even the most mundane of compromises are subject to failure.