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Puppeteer to perform at Hop

Around sunset on the Indonesian island of Java, a busy street corner is turned into a open-air theatre as thousands of people crowd around performers who will use music and shadow puppets to tell the stories of gods and heroes from Hindu myths. These wayang kulit or shadow puppet theater performances last all night, with a dhalang or puppet master directing the intricate dance of shadow across a large back-lit screen.

Yo-Yo Ma reflects on world experiences

In an interview with The Dartmouth yesterday afternoon, cello virtuoso and this term's Montgomery Fellow Yo-Yo Ma reminisced about performing and studying music around the world. For Ma, his musical career has been a vehicle to learning more about communication and working with others. Inspired by an anthropology course he took as an undergraduate at Harvard University, Ma went to Africa to study the music of the Kalahari bush people. There, he learned an important lesson about working with other people A Dutch health care worker in Namibia told him that when she was leaving, her friends in Africa told her not to come back.

Student campaign workers get ready for a breather

Nov. 7 is a much anticipated day for a lot of citizens -- but it is especially so for the approximately 100 students actively supporting their favorite local, state and national candidates in upcoming elections. The Dartmouth spoke with nine of these students and asked them to assess their experiences on the campaign trail.

Despite fall term ban, '04s plan on partying

As one of Dartmouth's biggest weekend celebrations, Homecoming is known by students as a time for partying, especially at Coed Fraternity and Sorority sponsored events. And although College rules prohibit first-year students from attending CFS parties during the Fall term, this does not seem to stop many freshmen from frequenting them. According to most first-year students surveyed by The Dartmouth, the Fall term ban on Greek houses has not affected their decision to attend parties, and it will not deter them from partying on Homecoming weekend either. "Homecoming is a big party with the sweep, the bonfire, the frat parties and the alums coming back," said Mike Engle '04 of Wisconsin. Although he said he doesn't plan on attending any CFS parties this weekend, Engle said he does know a fair number of other first-year students who will. "Unless you are incredibly obvious, [upper-class students] usually don't mind," he said. While it is the job of Safety and Security to monitor registered parties, it is the responsibility of Greek houses themselves to enforce their Fall term ban on first-year students. Officers in most CFS houses said that they were going to take the same precautions over this weekend that they do every weekend. "I don't expect any problems," Sigma Nu fraternity President Eric Shoemaker said.

European Inst. hosts first event

Dartmouth's new Institute for European Studies celebrates its inauguration with a two-conference series that asks "Is a European Culture Possible?" beginning today. This afternoon's program begins with an introductory address by institute Director and French professor Lawrence Kritzman at 3:30 p.m. Lectures planned for the day include a presentation on the "Dark Side of European Culture" by Harvard European Center Director and History Professor Charles Maier and "Western Feminist Political Theory in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Conflicts and Contrasts," by City University of New York Philosophy Professor Nanette Funk. The second session on the European culture will take place November 15. "When people think of Europe, they think of literature and history," Kritzman said.

Film director Ang Lee to visit next week

Acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee will be a Montgomery fellow in residence Oct. 19-23 as part of the endowment's year-long popular culture guest lecturer series "Making Music, Making Movies." Lee is the director of many award-winning films including "Sense and Sensibility," "Ride with the Devil," "The Ice Storm," "Eat Drink Man Woman" and "The Wedding Banquet." During his four-day visit, Lee will attend film studies and government classes, meet with Asian and Asian-American students and be the guest of honor at the Dartmouth Film Society tribute. The tribute will include a screening of Lee's latest film, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," a compilation of film clips spanning his career and the award presentation. "We are fortunate to have the opportunity to have such an interesting person on campus," Barbara Gerstner, the assistant provost of the College and executive director of the Montgomery Endowment, said. "Lee's new film has created quite a stir at the Telluride and Cannes film festivals," she said.

Humanities Center to host event

Dartmouth's new Humanities Center, long in planning, will host its inaugural event, a conference on "Global Humanities," on Oct.