Randy Stebbins


The Last Hurrah

I like that I knew which side of Baker Library's front door to open before a tiny "PULL" sign gave my insider's knowledge away.

Space Balls

The evil empire has fallen. The U.S. is the only super-power on the planet. But, since we know that it's still a dangerous world, Dubya has reached back to the frigid past, knocked the frost from Donald Rumsfeld and set him loose.

Perspective: Bad Prospects

I'm hesitant even obliquely to enter the brouhaha surrounding the latest Greek scandal, for it seems that the whole question of Yes Greeky, No Greeky has no end in sight.

Tax This Column

I am trying not to think about the long-term effect on the nation of our new President's proposed tax cuts.

Hanover For the Few

The real news in a story often hides in the subtext of what we read in the morning papers. Being an eager beaver schoolboy, I was on campus this past Monday in order to be the first one to check in and while waiting, I read the Valley News.

Opposing Perspectives

Reasoned expression in academic writing and, most importantly, in public discourse should be our goal.

Sanctions Away

The old white guys are at it again. Last week, American and British aircraft conducted operations against command and control sites in Iraq.

Pardon Me?

Last Friday, in the waning hours of his tenure, Secretary of Defense William Cohen released a report effectively exonerating the Navy's chain of command, and the ship's commander, of responsibility in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole last October in Yemen.

Rules to Buy By

After the heavy snow last weekend a friend and I went tobogganing at the golf course. My toboggan is a beautiful rock maple sled, its steam-bent nose arcing gracefully backwards toward the smooth boards of the base.

Carry On

When I started doing this column I promised myself that I wouldn't write any Army stories. I'm breaking that promise.