P. Cesar De Los Santos


Buried Alive!

Back in the "good old days," people used to harbor a very real fear that they might be declared dead and put in the ground while still alive.

Ignorance in Greek System

To the Editor: It never ceases to amaze me just how thoughtless and insensitive some frat boys can be.

The Land of Opportunities

Seeking a better future, I came to the United States -- or, "The Land of Opportunities" as I usually call it -- one rainy Monday on May 6, 1991.

Watch the Chickens

I've once heard of a corner on a road which there were continual fatalities. Drivers, despite warning signs, would speed around this corner and be killed.

An Elephant in the Living Room

In recent issues of The Dartmouth, the topic of race has been in the spotlight and, along with it, a term which is not very popular around here, racism.