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Matt the Movies: Popping Woody

The past decade or so has not been kind to Woody Allen. Not only does he have to put up with constant late-show-host-type pedophilia jokes and the Knicks' gradual descent into Hell, but the same snobby, pretentious, New York-based critics that ate up his past films about snobby, pretentious New Yorkers started saying no to things like "Celebrity," "Hollywood Ending," "Anything Else," and, lest I forget (and I'd really like to), "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion." The Woody shtick that has made him perhaps the greatest American director of his generation started to seem stale.


Matt the Movies

In Hanover, there are only two places to rent movies -- the free, yet fine-friendly Jones Media Center, and Videostop, where your friend's girlfriend's friend from high school probably didn't return that copy of "Drowning Mona" -- so options are few.

Three '05s settle drug charges

Three members of the Dartmouth Class of 2005 -- Steven DeMarco, Eric Testan and Sheanon Summers -- reached plea agreements with New Hampshire state attorneys last month, admitting guilt to a variety of drug possession charges. As part of the plea, the state dropped the most serious charges leveled against DeMarco, including selling and possessing cocaine.

Uncited quotation gets Bush, alum in hot water

All Charles Trumbull '02 wanted was a good grade on a history independent study term paper. Instead, he became embroiled in a cross-national war of words in what has become the latest chapter of the bitter U.S.-Cuba relationship -- a chapter Trumbull said would not have started if the White House had accurately cited his paper. Last month, President Bush quoted from Trumbull's paper on Cuba's economy by to rail against Fidel Castro's supposed promotion of prostitution. "The dictator welcomes sex tourism.

'05s plead not guilty in drug case

Three Dartmouth students charged last month with several felony-level drug offenses all pleaded not guilty prior to their scheduled arraignments Tuesday. Steve DeMarco '05, Eric Testan '05 and Sheanon Summers '05 all decided to waive arraignment and plead not guilty.

Freshmen connect with friends on thefacebook, the website whose popularity has spread like a conjunctivitis epidemic across campus, has even infected many incoming members of the Class of 2008, who are months away from matriculation. On its homepage, the site offers to "see a visualization of your social network" and "find out who is in your classes," but it has aided those who have yet to sit through their first Dartmouth lecture. As of Tuesday, 183 incoming Dartmouth freshmen have signed up on the site; that number excludes '08s who did not specify their class years.

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