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Play festival features student works

A writer once said that there's a poet in all of us, sitting in our minds like an old man waiting in the rain for his train to come -- and if the upcoming Frost and Dodd Play Festival is any indication, it seems there's a playwright sitting right next to him. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings this week, Dartmouth students will be able to witness the best work of their theatrically-inclined peers.

Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine swap fortunes in


Audiences not entirely out of luck with latest Lohan flick

Courtesy of Dark Horizons On many counts, Hollywood party girl and former child star Lindsay Lohan is a controversial character: To mothers, she's a questionable role model; to men and boys, an ingenue whose beauty seems to be on the wane; and to breast enhancement manufacturers, a formerly prospective spokesperson whose natural assets are a decisive blow to silicone implant lovers everywhere. But, perhaps more importantly, among professional film critics and moviegoers alike, Lohan's acting abilities have, for a long time, been widely debated.


Visiting artist teaches jewelry making

One look at Jen Townsend's "Ice Maiden" -- a startlingly detailed and beautifully designed sterling silver pendant depicting a nude woman caught in a web of ice -- and you know you're dealing with an artist of immense talent and visionary precision.


Students represent Dartmouth at '06 Ivy Film Festival

The Ivy Film Festival, founded by Brown University students David Peck and Justin Slosky in December 2001, began as a collaborative effort between the organizers, the Brown University Modern Culture and Media Department, the Brown Film Society and students at other Ivy League schools.


Computer animation show premiers at Dartmouth

Ever since the release of "Toy Story" 11 years ago, moviegoers en masse have seemed to show a distinct preference for 3-D animation over traditional hand-drawn animation. When Woody and Buzz first hit the screen, Disney's creative renaissance that began with 1989's "The Little Mermaid" was already on the wane.


Golden Globes forecast potential Oscar contenders

Courtesy of Dark Horizons As far as Hollywood awards ceremonies go, the Golden Globes have always played second fiddle to the Oscars -- they're like the Wendy's to the Academy's McDonald's, or, if you prefer, the Apple to their Microsoft.