Marimac McRae

Marimac (’21) is a staff writer for the Mirror section of The Dartmouth, and she is from Nashville, Tennessee. At Dartmouth, she is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in philosophy. Marimac is also the co-head tutor at RWIT, Dartmouth's peer tutoring service, for the 2020-21 academic year.




A Separate Space: Socializing and Studying at Baker-Berry

Dartmouth students have great affection for our libraries — take our interactions with the Dartmouth Library Instagram account. When I was a freshman, my First-Year Trip leaders showed me which parts of Baker-Berry were social and which were designated for intense studying. Although different spaces within the library function in different ways, the library as a whole feels like home to many students. This time last year, I remember stacking my belongings — essay drafts, extra pens, flaming hot cheetos and caffeinated yellow vitamin water — in the shelves of the periodicals, preparing to practically live there until finals were over.



A Walking Tour of a COVID-Changed Campus

In the six months since campus closed, I have craved a long walk around Hanover. So, when I returned this term, I headed out to enjoy the fall weather. Along the way, I discovered all the ways in which COVID-19 has altered the College’s physical spaces, transforming how freshmen will experience life at Dartmouth.



Changing Capstone Experiences: Seniors Reflect on Thesis Work

When I set out to write an article on how the coronavirus has affected senior honors theses, I searched the Dartmouth website for a page describing what a thesis is. I found no such page. Each academic department has its own description of what a thesis looks like, and even within those departments, every project is unique.

internship graphic.jpg


Creative Workarounds: Students Plan Careers in Crisis

I hesitate before I open DartBoard. Navigating the present is hard enough, and grappling with an uncertain future is daunting. Clicking the center of the DartBoard bullseye, I see “Attention!” written in bold, bright red letters at the top of the screen. I brace for bad news. We all know these announcements too well now: The COVID-19 notices on Instagram and Facebook and the popup panels on websites always bear unsettling information. But this one is different. Beneath “Attention!” I read, “Seeking a job or internship? These sites are sharing new postings daily.”

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