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Smolowe '81 dies of colon cancer

Ann Smolowe '81, who served as senior managing director for leadership giving in the College's Office of Development, died on Aug.

Donors give $153 million in 2010

Dartmouth received approximately $153 million in donations in fiscal year 2010, representing an 11 percent increase of philanthropic contributions from 2009, according to Senior Vice President for Advancement Carolyn Pelzel.


Conservative radio host, author and political commentator Laura Ingraham '85 appeared on "The Colbert Report" Tuesday evening to discuss her New York Times bestselling book, "The Obama Diaries." Ingraham defended her satirical piece while talk show host Stephen Colbert who has long claimed to be a Dartmouth alumnus despite never attending the College questioned her about the "terrible" writing quality and instances of racial insensitivity.

Mastanduno named Dean of the Faculty

Michael Mastanduno, associate dean of the faculty for the social sciences and government professor at the College, has been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences following a two-month search process, College President Jim Yong Kim announced in an e-mail to the Dartmouth community Thursday afternoon. Mastanduno, who has served as an associate dean of the faculty since 2003, will begin his five-year term on August 1, according to the e-mail.

Rassias teaches Mexican educators

Ben Gonin / The Dartmouth Staff Ben Gonin / The Dartmouth Staff When Judith Hernandez, a teacher in the Mexican city of Leon, arrives at work each day she must struggle to motivate a class of over 50 students, many of whom have personal lives plagued by drug use and familial violence. Hernandez is one of 40 English teachers from Mexico who arrived at Dartmouth on Sunday morning for the Inter-American Partnership for Education Teachers' Collaborative, a program that offers 12 days of intensive instruction aimed at helping attendees become more effective English teachers, according to Jim Citron '86, the director of IAPE. "I want to be able to make a difference for these students," Hernandez said.

Professor discusses First Amend.

Protecting First Amendment rights should be a primary focus of government officials and American citizens in order to encourage shared global knowledge and maintain a commitment to national progress, Narain Batra, communications professor at Norwich University, said at the Rockefeller Center on Tuesday.

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