Luke Katler



Unpaid but A-Okay

Marina Shkuratov / The Dartmouth Staff "Bright" would be a compliment to the fluorescent interior of your cubicle.


It's All Downstream from Here

The uninformed and uninitiated on campus probably think of members of the Ledyard Canoe Club as scruffy, sparsely showered masterminds responsible for time-tested Dartmouth staples like the Ledyard Challenge and the War Canoe.


'Igniting Imagination:' Q&A with Michael Odokara-Okigbo '12

Catherine Treyz / The Dartmouth Senior Staff *Editor's Note: This week, five members of The Dartmouth Arts and Entertainment Staff sat down with the featured guests in this Friday's "Igniting Imagination," who will be returning to campus to celebrate the Hopkins Center's 50th Anniversary.