Lou Scerra


No Speed Racer, No!

Call me a purist. Call me a Northerner. Call me what you will. I just don't get it and I don't think I ever will. I tried to watch NASCAR last weekend.

Chasing Mr. Aaron

Salaries and egos aren't the only things that have been growing exponentially over the past few years in baseball. Offensive statistics have exploded as parity has hit the pitcher's mound the hardest, while bigger physical specimens have aided the men in the batter's box. The 400-home run mark used to ensure Hall of Fame status, but those days are long gone, so to speak.


It seemed like the perfect time. In August, the World Wrestling Federation's The Rock spoke at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Penn., validating his brand of sports entertainment to a group of viewers who had never previously tuned in to see him in action.

Eleven Degrees of Separation

North Carolina is the best college basketball team in the nation. Sportswriters and coaches agree on that and they don't need a BCS to tell them that.

Sportsmanship Takes a Hit

On Tuesday not one, but two high school hoopsters poured in triple digits for the first time since 1979.

The people's choice

The last two days in the United States have caused clamoring in the nation for a complete upheaval of the Electoral College and other major tenets of our political process.

Thursday morning quarterback

Way too often, sports journalists find themselves being stamped with the most despicable label they have ever heard -- "Monday-morning quarterback." It pains a reporter so greatly because he feels as though all of the intellect, savvy and knowledge he possesses becomes irrelevant when his conclusion is simply that another decision would have put the home team in the win column. For that reason, I bring you my own version of the Thursday-morning quarterback that draws not on Wednesday's results, but on restoring a little bit of faith to my readers and honor to my colleagues. Michael Vick will win the Heisman Trophy in December. I know what you're thinking -- why don't you also predict Tiger Woods to win a tournament or Michael Jordan to be a future Hall of Fame inductee?

Oldies but goodies

Every time I turn around, the first something-or-another of the millenium is happening. We live in a society that has become almost obsessed with the time period that we live in.

Feed a fever

I'll admit it -- I have Olympic fever. The thought of the best athletes in the world competing for their respective countries has to stir the blood of every sports fan in every nation.