Kishan Putta


Sexism in the WRC

To the Editor: Last night, the group known as Women of Color United held a discussion at the Women's Resource Center.

Services of 'jerks' keep world running

To the Editor: John Strayer's column in Thursday's paper ("Learn from slackers," July 14) made some strong assertions about the personalities of Dartmouth students -- assertions which were not offensive, yet were extremely condescending. On one end, according to the author, are the "greedy jerks." These are described as money-hungry fools who are blind to all but the pursuit of wealth.

Early SA politicking is reprehensible

After attending the most bureaucratic Student Assembly meeting I have yet to take part in this past Tuesday, my frustrations focused on two points. One involves the "ad hoc committee on procedure" which has been much publicized this past week in The Dartmouth.

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