Ki Mae Heussner


Work Hard, Play Hard

Work hard, play hard." It's the college mantra of which we're all so proud. It's what we say to lure in undecided prospectives, it's what we tell potential employers to justify our absence from the upper Ivies, and its how we redeem our No.


Hatcher '99 starts new drama troupe

Dartmouth's newest drama troupe, Pretty How Town Productions, was created for two reasons: to increase student involvement and to benefit charity. In the words of its founder, Andy Hatcher '99, "I had this two-part idea: one was to encourage more student drama, the other was to create a philanthropic acting company that would raise money for local charities." Even the title of the drama troupe enforces the idea of more student involvement in campus drama.


Arts festival brings campus acts together

The first ever Festival D'artmouth will be held this Saturday, where the talents of the premier comedy, dance, drama and musical groups will be displayed, as well as the works by the studio art majors of the College. Never before has so many of the campus' talent groups been brought together in such unique venue. The festival is to be held in the Top of the Hop and Alumni Hall, with various entertainment groups performing in both Halls simultaneously.