Katherine Michelis


College launches $1.3B capital campaign

Members and friends of the Dartmouth community gathered in New York City Saturday for the launch of the current capital campaign, a $1.3 billion initiative titled "Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience." The goal of the campaign can be divided into four primary areas of concentration: unrestricted support for the student experience, residential and campus life initiatives, academic enterprise and financial aid.

College beefs up workforce for new fundraising campaign

The College's Development Office, in preparation for the Nov. 13 kickoff of a $1.3 billion initiative to improve student life, is seeking to significantly expand its staff. Individuals will be hired as directors and associate directors of the Gift Planning, Leadership Giving and Individual Giving departments of the Development Office.

Book prices deter some from enrolling

Subject matter is no longer the only factor distinguishing a course in the humanities from one in the sciences. With science textbooks sometimes running up bills in the several-hundred dollar range, and some humanities classes requiring a single, low-priced publication, book costs for different courses can vary widely. The total cost of new books for organic chemistry is $335.59 at Wheelock Books, while the tab for American Founders, a history course, comes in at just $12.35. Such great variation in course costs has led many students to consider the price of books for a particular course as much as the material the books cover. "If I were deciding between two courses to take, and there was a significant difference in the prices of the books for each course, I would definitely choose the course that required cheaper books," Ambika Singh '07 said. Niral Shah '08 spent $1 more than expected on course books this term.

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