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Toloudi discusses vision for teaching and new public spaces

Assistant professor of studio art Zenovia Toloudi explored the ability of architecture to make a space “public” in her exhibit “Speak! Listen! Act! A kaleidoscope of architectural elements for public space,” which was on display in the Strauss Gallery at the Hopkins Center for the Arts fall term.

Nate Seymour '12 works as a colorist in New York City.


Q&A with Nate Seymour '12

Nate Seymour ’12, who majored in studio arts with a focus in photography and minored in digital arts at Dartmouth, works as a colorist for television and film.

Tiffany Zhai/The Dartmouth Senior Staff


Frost and Dodd contest winners’ plays open this weekend

What happens when two tapeworms find themselves in the midst of a black market organ trade crisis? A little girl’s grandfather is keeping a terrifying secret from his own daughter — what is it, and why is he so desperately trying to keep it hidden? What will be exposed of a family when its members gather to read the will of the family’s patriarch? These questions, and more, will be answered for audience members this weekend at the Frost and Dodd Student Play Festival.


Professors share their summer reading recommendations

With many of us taking lighter class loads this summer, students may find themselves with extra time during the week. Naturally, some will pass time laying on the Green or lounging on the swimming dock at the River. For students who feel compelled to complete “summer reading” or for those who are looking to relax and enrich their minds, The Dartmouth offers a list of book recommendations from an unexpected source: your professors.