Jourdan Abel


Jews for Jesus

It wasn't until coming to college that I began to identify, or be identified, as a Jew. Maybe I became identified as a Jew here, though I was never identified as one at home, because of the small population of Jews at Dartmouth, and the large Jewish community in my hometown.

Baked Goods

I've apparently taken a sabbatical from writing this winter. The term really did get off to a promising start, one filled with many juicy topics for columns: "My Life as a TA," or "Embarrassing Oneself in Front of 44 Students by Acting Out a 19th Century Romanticist Painting and Ending Up With Rug Burns," "Winter Does the Darndest Things" or "Wow!

Polling for Profit

I never expected to spend 12.5 hours standing outside a polling location on Miami Beach, waving a sign and wearing a t-shirt declaring one mayoral candidate superior to all others.

Pumpkin Orange

I recently found myself up to my elbow in a pumpkin. Scooping out the slimy orange guts from a very large gourd, I was all-but-laughed-at by a sizeable crowd.

After Terror

Life hasn't changed for the lizards. Not for the Cuban Anoles or the iguanas or the geckos.

An '05's Guide to Freezing

Some Dartmouth students say that New Hampshire winters are nothing compared to those in Michigan and Minnesota and Maine.

My Features, My Smile, My Eyes

We climbed the stairs off of the ferry from Italy on our mid-FSP break. It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day wafted from the ship stereo, my stomach knots of this is Corsica, this is where I'm from interspersed with how am I going to get in touch with my family?

Men Aren't So Bad

In honor of Valentine's Day's recent coming, and in honor of my friend Evan who gave me flowers and made my year (gave me flowers and said, "this doesn't mean I'm going to hook up with you.

Fun With Freshmen

I snuck into the '04 Revelation Dinner on Tuesday night. I am, in fact, a sophomore, but I thought I needed some revealing and the dinner sounded cool and we didn't have one when I was a freshman, so I decided that it would be beneficial to all involved parties (and my stomach) for me to attend.

Roommate Madness

At 2:30 a.m., one of my roommate's last muffled comments before falling asleep was "I know what you can write about!

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