John Strayer


The symbolism of Commencement is misleading

One part of this whole graduation deal strikes me as particularly ironic. As we receive our diplomas they call our names and (at least in theory) each of us is honored separately, as an individual, alone. Symbolically, this ceremony is supposed to be the culmination of college.

One Last Gripe

Much of my time on this page has been spent griping about one thing or another. Since this is my last column, I thought about writing something entirely happy and uplifting.

Weathering the Storm

They really should offer a class on how to manipulate the Dartmouth Plan. I feel like I stumbled blindly into my enrollment pattern.

The Roots of Faulty Reasoning

There are two common mistakes that we Dartmouth pundits make in our various arguments. These two elements are so pervasive in the bad reasoning that goes on at this place that someone really must do something. First of all, if I hear one more argument that starts with the following phrase I am going to scream in violent pain: "Well we are all smart enough to get into Dartmouth, so ..." This goes wrong in a bunch of directions, including the fact that among Dartmouth students, intelligence is not universal.

"Cool" Plans After Graduation?

That's so cool that you have rejected the whole corporate recruiting investment banking and consulting complex." More than once, I have heard words to this effect from my younger peers.

A Class With Attitude

Dartmouth has a lot of ways of keeping one honest. That is, there are several structures that force us to examine our assumptions.

The Senior Spring Dilemma

I stood nervously at the plate. This was to be my last at bat ever and I knew it. I had reached the end of the Little League line.

On Exercising Free Speech

So I read in yesterday's paper some freshman wants to suspend me from writing for The Dartmouth. As I looked closer at his column I realized he is satirizing the notion of speech codes.

The Need for Social Space

Last term Dining Services announced several prospective changes. Pete Napolitano and friends are planning on turning the space once known as Hovey's Grill into a 24-hour vending arcade.

A Question of Momentum

A new term and a fresh start: one of the advantages of Dartmouth's quick paced, 10 week at a time system.