John Kim



No vacation found in 'The Island'

While shooting the asteroid opus "Armageddon," Ben Affleck reportedly asked director Michael Bay why NASA would train a group of drillers to become astronauts, when training astronauts to become drillers would be infinitely easier. Bay responded by telling Affleck to shut up. That says everything you need to know about Michael Bay, currently competing with partner-in-crap Brett Ratner for the title of "World's Worst Director." The shame is not in being outsmarted by Ben Affleck, who is actually known for his deceptive intelligence (if not his discerning taste in movie roles or women). Rather, the story demonstrates Bay's complete disregard for anything resembling coherence in his productions. Some critics might tell you that the "The Island" is smarter than the cinematic turds that Bay has released in the past.


'Arm' provides comfort, if not innovation

By John Kim The Dartmouth Senior Staff During my whiny high school years, my friends would listen to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and the like whenever they got upset, using that music as an outlet for their anger (My simpler friends would pump up Dashboard Confessional, which I guess achieved the same effect, if to a somewhat stupider degree.). However, I was an especially whiny teenager, and I thus followed another routine.


Tap-dancing visionary Glover electrifies audience at Lebanon

Tap-dancing legend Gregory Hines once said, "There is Savion Glover, and then there are the rest of us." Best known for his Tony-winning work on the 1996 Broadway hit "Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk," Glover has been wowing audiences since he was 12 and is indeed considered by many to be the greatest tap dancer of all-time. On Thursday, April 14, I braved the townies and made the trek to Lebanon, where Glover was bringing his brand of noise and funk to the otherwise sleepy New Hampshire town. I admit I know nothing about tap dancing technique beyond people making cool sounds with their feet.