Jim Brennan


Republicans Split Over Environment

When I was younger, my father and granfather took me fishing in a forest that was filled with tall evergreen trees, oaks and maples, rolling hills, streams, lakes and deer.

Bitter About Butter

I readily admit that I'm not the most health-conscious person in the world. I generally don't watch what I eat, rarely remember to take my vitamins and have never been in the weight room at the Berry Athletic Center.

O.J. Verdict Shakes Faith in Justice System

I was going to refuse to write about the end of the O.J. Simpson trial. Mainly because I have no new knowledge about the verdict, no sparkling insights into the case and no real idea why the jury decided in the way that it did.

Hard Right Turn May Hurt GOP in '96

It is a slow, deliberate, marked shift. Yet it is practically a transformation. It has happened before in our history, and may happen again.

Evidence Against Political Apathy

I'm glad that I deciided to take Speech 25 this term. The class is on persuasive speaking, and all of us in it pick a topic or issue in which we're interested to look at in depth over the term.

Benefits of a Line-Item Veto

You know something that happens in politics or that is passed by Congress just has to be good if it can be applied to our regular lives and have a positive effect.

The Stigma of Being Happy

Sometimes I wonder if it's okay to be happy or content or pleased with where you are and how your life is going.

CFSC--Leadership by Knowledge

It's been good to see--members of Dartmouth's Greek system have taken the lead recently in resolving issues raised by the College pertaining to housing and alcohol policy.


Government has far toomany rules. Time and again, the intricacies of the way our nation runs itself and its institutions disturb and perplex me.

A question of trust or cynicism

Trust is a very important thing. Yet in today's remarkably cynical world, trust is incredibly hard to gain, difficult to keep and almost impossible to build into character.

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