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Accessibility Services lacking, students say

In an effort to address concerns raised by multiple students that the College's Student Accessibility Services fails to provide students with disabilities the accommodations they need, a group of Dartmouth students presented a report to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity last Wednesday asking administrators to revise College accessibility policies. In the report, the students requested that the College develop guidelines for professors to grant students disability-related accommodations, increase funding to Student Accessibility Services and improve communication across administrative departments to ensure that students with disabilities receive equal access to all aspects of the Dartmouth experience. Multiple students said in interviews with The Dartmouth that they were frustrated with Accessibility Services' current practices, including the amount of time it takes to receive classroom accommodations.

Female members of the Class of 2009 shared their experiences at the annual Women of Dartmouth Panel.

Senior women share their stories

DOUG GONZALEZ / The Dartmouth Staff Just two weeks before the completion of their final term at Dartmouth, seven female members of the Class of 2009 shared personal stories about the challenges they faced while at the College as part the 20th annual Women of Dartmouth panel.

Crosby '09 competes in Miss N.H.

Brittany Crosby '09 -- who on Thursday recited slam poetry in Derry, N.H., as part of the 2009 Miss New Hampshire competition -- says she is not a "typical pageant girl." "I'm not a typical pageant girl in the sense that I haven't been doing this since I was three years old," Crosby said.

American University professor Nancy Polikoff spoke about efforts to legalize gay marriage at Dartmouth on Tuesday.

Prof. discusses same-sex marriage

ANDREW FOUST / The Dartmouth Staff Correction appended The campaign to legalize same-sex marriage overemphasizes the word "marriage" and fails to address the need for more comprehensive legal equality and family law reform, American University Washington College of Law professor Nancy Polikoff said in a lecture in Rockefeller Center on Tuesday.

Susan Wright speaks to a student at the annual Academic Gala on Wednesday.

Academic Gala honors thesis writers, fellows

Zeke Turner / The Dartmouth Senior Staff College President James Wright and Susan Wright honored students' independent research and creativity at the 12th annual Academic Gala, held Wednesday afternoon at the Top of the Hop.

Endersby gives engineering lecture

Engineers must consider the environmental impact of their product designs now more than ever before because of the increasing threats of global climate change and resource depletion, industry professional Stephen Endersby said in a lecture Friday afternoon.

Thayer School of Engineering professor Elsa Garmire discussed her time as a Jefferson Fellow at the State Department in a lecture on Friday.

Prof. discusses work at State Dept.

IAN BLUMENTHAL / The Dartmouth The growth of economies in the developing world depends on increasing countries' access to new technology, Thayer School of Engineering professor Elsa Garmire said in a lecture in Spanos Auditorium on Friday.