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Jennifer Lopez examined the struggles of Mexican Americans living in the borderlands through her final project for COSC 27, "Projects in Digital Arts."

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Seniors reflect on their artistic journeys at Dartmouth

While majors in the arts remain some of the least common at the College, Dartmouth’s arts programs continue to draw in students. In interviews with The Dartmouth, seniors reflected on their artistic development in the past four years — and while each story was different, all were bound by the unifying theme of art as an avenue for self-exploration. 



Researchers continue essential work in on-campus labs

While Dartmouth has decided to pause on-campus research activities during the COVID-19 crisis, some researchers have been granted limited access to laboratories to continue projects that are time-sensitive or involve animal subjects.



Majority of arts and music classes moving on despite difficulties

With the College’s switch to online instruction this term, many questions have arisen over how studio art and music courses, which rely heavily on in-person instruction and hands-on learning, will proceed. Despite the challenges, however, faculty and staff in both departments have found ways to keep their courses running remotely. 


‘Voices’ showcases moving messages about gender and power

Hundreds of students, staff and community members gathered in Spaulding Auditorium on Wednesday to see the seventh-annual show of Voices, a student-led performance that centers narratives and people at the intersections of gender, power, violence and resilience. 



Student Spotlight: life as a studio art intern for Kaitlyn Hahn ’19

Each year, five graduating seniors majoring in studio art are chosen to be interns for the department upon their graduation. Kaitlyn Hahn ’19, one of the studio art interns for this academic year, is especially interested in exploring sculpture and digital art during her internship. She is working not only as a teaching assistant in photography, printmaking and senior seminar classes, but also on her own art, which includes multimedia projects and installation exhibits.


Dartmouth students named Marshall, Schwarzman scholars

Delia Friel ’20, Danny Li ’19 and Colleen O’Connor ’19 have been named as 2021 Schwarzman Scholars to study global affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Sarah Pearl ’20 has been named a Marshall Scholar to pursue two one-year master programs at the University of Reading and University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.