David Velleman


Let's be the Dartmouth Mascots

To the Editor: I notice that support for the Dartmoose as an official mascot is once again gaining momentum ("Letting Loose the Dartmoose," Mar.

What About Political Capital?

To the Editor: Mr. Sinai makes some interesting points in his column ("Off the Bench and Into the Fire," July 7), sounding very much like a self-satisfied Republican who is surprised and upset to learn that, despite his presidential candidate's 51 percent victory, there are still people who disagree with him. Mr. Sinai seems shocked that the Democrats in the Senate plan to "browbeat any candidate right of center" and says that this is "not what the American people should reasonably expect given last November's results." Odd.

On Strict Interpretations

To the Editor: In regard to the Nov. 13 letter to the editor " 'Reasonable?' Gun Control?" by Mr. Rouzer against the idea of gun control on the basis of the wording of the Second Amendment, I urge him to read the Constitution. Specifically, I would point him to the First Amendment, which states very clearly that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." etc.

Rope Swing

To the Editor: So, Dean Nelson, five or six "serious injuries" have occurred in the past decade as a result of the rope swing ("Swing's risks force removal," Aug.

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