Daniel Ng


Network Failure

At the end of last term, the College announced a $22 million donation from an alumnus to establish a new institute for computational science.

Seeing Crimson

It's time to face reality. Consciously or subconsciously, many Dartmouth students suffer from a Harvard inferiority complex.

Finding Community

This College has a bad habit of overusing the word "community" to give people warm, fuzzy feelings of group solidarity.

The Crowded Streets

The church was located in the heart of San Francisco, but you will not find it in a guidebook. The architecture was lavish.

Business Pointers for DDS

DDS excels at being predictable, like the predictable southern fried chicken on Mondays at Food Court, or the predictable deep-fried bits of seafood on Fridays.

Whose Town is it, Anyway?

Hanover, it is said, is a quintessential New England college town. You can even find Baker Tower on the corporate logo for the town of Hanover.

It's a Chinese Thing

The word "Chinatown" conjures some very evocative images. Roast chickens and ducks hanging by their necks in eateries.

Berry Very Good

Berry Library invites a narrow range of comments from students. Words like "functional" and "sanitized" tend to dominate.

All the News You Do Not Need

At the end of Winter term, the Student Assembly issued a call for "alternative media coverage" to be made available on campus.

The Perils of Powerpoint

Dartmouth students generally have mixed views about Powerpoint. As an economics major, it is difficult to avoid it in class.