Daniel Chiu


True Confessions

"I pretend to be braver than I really am." Or so admitted one of the many contributors to "Wrinkles of Discretion: The Confessional Booth," an interactive sculpture created by Jennifer Lopez '08 that was on display earlier this month at the Hop.

Glass Ceiling, Glass Floor

In one of the more poignant scenes in the hit "Knocked Up" (2007), Paul Rudd's character Pete, after having been caught ditching his wife to hang out with his male buddies, laments, "With work and you and the kids, sometimes I just need some time to myself." Choking back tears, his wife Debbie replies, "I want time for myself too.

Generation "Look at Me"

It was while watching the sixth or seventh rendition of awkward suburban teens performing the Soulja Boy dance on CollegeHumor that I truly came to understand the meaning of the term "attention whore." It is really surprising how many people out there long for the world to watch them "crank that." Talk about vanity.

Talk That's Anything but Small

Last Thursday, Sylvia Spears, director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, gave a speech at the Pan Asian Council's community dinner.

My Big Fat Greek Identity

Guys wearing laminated placards are stealing bright red sirens, while fellows with bad haircuts are walking past mustachioed lunchbox wielders.

Why Can't We Be Friends?

There's a scene in the movie "Mean Girls" in which newcomer Cady -- still completely ignorant of the customs and norms of her American public high school -- surveys the scene in the cafeteria with wonder during her lunch period.

Dartmouth, Inc.

It is hard to avoid comparing private colleges and universities to well-oiled businesses. College Trustees govern as a board of directors would -- deciding on policy, appropriating funds, and growing the endowment.

The Early Admissions Game

Harvard's decision to do away with its early admissions program has created a lot of hubbub about whether or not such policies are equitable.

A Truly Diverse Dartmouth?

Recent events on campus, including the rally to support immigrant rights, the uproar over a set of satirical, but racially insensitive posters and the election of Student Body President-Elect Tim Andreadis '07 on a platform that advocated greater inclusion of minorities, show that diversity and the place that minorities have on this campus are important issues that deserve continued discussion and visibility.

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