Clara Guo



Guo: When I Grow Up

Clara examines her life from childhood to the far future, as well as what she wants to be when she grows up.


Guo: Variations on a Date

Reservation for Two, Take One: My head hurts. It’s been hurting for over an hour now, ever since Kevin and I arrived at Giacomo’s in the South End for our dinner reservation.


Guo: Facts Travel

Clara discusses the idea of traveling as a kind of getaway from stress — but does it really work?


Guo: Choices

Clara reflects on the ups and downs of her high school experience, as well as her preparedness for college.


Guo: A hat is not a hat

First Floor Stairs I dangle several feet off of a cliff — a jagged cliff, painted in the deceptive neutrality of browns and yellows. I hold on by a string of yarn, boasting of once-vibrant shades of crimson and sapphire.

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