Chris Haffenreffer


Love the Risk

The game of baseball has been repeatedly berated by yours truly for the various problems that allow a team such as the New York Yankees to effectively buy championships.

Area waters offer summer fun

As the summer means a quiet time on Dartmouth's social scene, many students are forced to look for more creative and original ways of entertaining themselves. Many students have gravitated westward to the Connecticut River in an attempt to enjoy themselves.

An Old-time Ball Game

On the plane ride home from my current off-term dwelling in Los Angeles, I knew there were several things I wanted to take care of over the short Easter weekend with my family.

In The Zone

It seems like just yesterday when the New York Yankees walked away with the World Series title once again, yet ball clubs have already begun to make the trek to the warmer climes of Florida and Arizona for Spring Training. Although it's difficult to even consider baseball in mid-February, it's about time to start looking at the 2001 season, and as of now the most significant development in the game will be the new strike zone. Attempts, as most everyone knows, have been made in the past to fix the strike zone, but the last two times it was going to be expanded to coordinate with the rule-book definition, absolutely no results were seen.

It's about the Hype

By now I'm sure most everyone has become sick of the different stories surrounding the Super Bowl.

A League of Their Own

I remember when I was a young lad of eight or nine and my father and I were sitting at our kitchen table trying to think of a good name for the little league baseball team we were putting together.

Sports comedy

Every other Sunday evening when I relax on my couch in hopes of writing this column, my initial impulse tells me to write something humorous and witty, something that will force the reader to enjoy the words I write.

New management

The 2000 Major League Baseball season has ended with the New York Yankees repeating as World Series Champions, and it is already time to start looking towards next season.

Subway series

Who wasn't ecstatic when the Yankees clinched a berth in the World Series with a win over the Seattle Mariners and became the second half of the first Subway Series in 44 years.

Brave new world

Flipping through the television channels last week trying to find something decent to watch at four in the afternoon, I settled on Game One of the Braves-Cardinals series.