Catherine McCarthy


An Alcoholic Image

So you come to Dartmouth and what do you know about this place? Do you think of the beautiful mountains, the idyllic hamlet known as Hanover where the college exists or do you think of the movie Animal House or a pervasive drinking culture that has all of the students at the pong table every weekend?

Fulfilling Our Responsibility

On Thursday, October 15, many members of the Dartmouth community participated in a vigil in memory of victims of hate crimes throughout the country, particularly Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, both of whom were killed because someone decided that their lives as a gay and black man, respectively, were not valuable.


A taste of the edge visits the Hop

Tonight the Hopkins Center is going to sizzle with the arrival of the innovative Bebe Miller Dance Company, a New York troupe that is pushing the boundaries of modern dance and the music of Don Byron, a world renowned jazz clarinetist. The Bebe Miller Dance Company was founded by the choreographer in 1985.


Nakai kicks off pow-wow

Traditionally during the weekend of Dartmouth's annual Pow-wow, the Hopkins Center invites a Native artist to come and perform as a cultural complement to the Green events. This Friday at 8:00 p.m., the music of R.