Billy Zou '12


Zou: A Farewell to the MRL

The Moosilauke Ravine Lodge has the unique distinction of being haunted by both the dead and the living. I first became aware of its ghosts at the inauguration of Jessica Griffin ’11 as Lodge manager. I had been on an overnight hike with a friend of mine, an avid outdoorsman, and he’d brought me along to the Lodge for dinner. It was the first time I’d been back since a year earlier during my Dartmouth Outing Club first-year trip. At the time, I wasn’t sure I was interested in the Outing Club culture — or the outdoors itself, for that matter. The inauguration proceedings involved a delicate ritual of celebration and ridicule, and there is a part where all the Lodgelings dance in a spinning circle as the Kitchen Witch beats her steel drum to rhythm of an ancient song. The ghosts came out of the woodwork.

There's No Place Like Home

This weekend, I went outside for the first time in months. Sometimes I like to think of Hanover as an old prostitute parked along a cul-de-sac of the Connecticut River.

Life, Liberty, Health Care

For those who have been living outside the U.S. or in a cave, two health care reform bills have been proposed to universalize the American health care system.