Amie Sugarman


The Future of Fundraising

To the Editor: As a Dartmouth and Alpha Xi Delta alum, I would like to express my deep concern with the College's decision to allow Beta Theta Pi back to campus.


Crowe wins over audiences with 'Cinderella Man'

Although a 19-year-old girl is not the most likely person to love a boxing movie, the addition of several of the best actors in Hollywood, a renowned director, and one of the most unbelievable true sports stories of the century makes this quite possible in Ron Howard's "Cinderella Man," starring Russell Crowe as the Depression-era boxer, James Braddock. The film opens on Braddock as a rising boxing star in 1928, living in a wealthy New Jersey suburb with his beautiful wife, Mae (Renee Zellweger), and their three children.

Putting Choice on the Table

Every week, I eagerly await Thursday night dinners at Homeplate, a.k.a. tuna skewer night. The delicious grilled tuna with teriyaki sauce coupled with a side of seaweed salad is the perfect meal.

Everything They Say is True

The temperature actually drops into the 30-degree range at night, hordes of old people flock to watch dying leaves fall and more than two students can be seen studying in Novack on Saturday nights.

Construction Woes

As I slept in my bed in Maxwell early one morning, my room began to vibrate. At first, I incorporated these vibrations into my dream as an earthquake.

Green Key Debauchery

So, Green Key has finally arrived. The snow that envelops Hanover for half of the year has at last receded, along with the frigid weather and winter depression.

Disney's Partisan Kingdom

Imagine a world in which the President of the United States pushes us to war with a country over invented claims of weapons of mass destruction and fabricated assertions of ties to terrorism.

Deflating Grade Inflation

I like receiving As in my classes. It's quite a feeling of accomplishment to attain the highest possible grade in something. This fulfilling ability to receive As at top colleges has been put under assault by the administration of Princeton University with its proposal to limit As to 35 percent of the grades given out.

Clarke Talks, Bush Balks

Lies. Stealth. Cover-ups. Refusal to admit wrongdoing. All of these closed-door tactics have come to quintessentially characterize the Bush administration over the past several months. Two weeks ago, Richard A.

Debunking the Safety Myth

Dartmouth is truly a wonderland; a world completely apart from reality. An enormous snow sculpture of the Cat in the Hat sits in the middle of the Green, students participate in human dog sled races, laptops sit unattended in the library and dorm room doors remain perpetually unlocked.