Alexandra Steinberg

Alexandra is a ’20 from New York and is unsure of what she plans to study, but has interests in neuroscience, geography, and human-centered  design. Alexandra has written for The D since her freshman fall, and she enjoys meeting people and learning about various groups on campus through her articles. 


Timothy Baker '08 earned his master's and Ph.D. in theology from Harvard Divinity School.


Q&A with Classics and religion professor Timothy Baker '08

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, classics and religion professor Timothy Baker ’08 was interested in folklore, fairy tales and religion, a fascination that led him to take Latin in middle school and study religion when he came to Dartmouth as an undergraduate in 2004.

Morano Gelato Hanover is now the company's flagship store.

Morano Gelato repurchased by founder

Earlier this month, founder of Morano Gelato Morgan Morano bought back the Hanover location with partners Victoria and Richard Simek after selling it in 2013 to Norwich, Vermont couples Pam and Bill Miles and Jennifer and John Langhus. Morano said that she sold the shop to spend more time outside of it and to consider how she could expand the business.