Alessandra Necamp


What it Means to Serve

Isaiah Berg recently addressed service and our national interest, arguing that mandatory service is not a promising prospect ("A Call to Serve," May 5) -- and I agree.

Vox Clamantis: Woman's right to choose

To the Editor: In "Peace, Love and Respect" (Sept. 29), Nina Maja Bergmar '11 writes about male domination at Dartmouth, saying that "While it's quite logical that women are in charge at Smith [College], since they comprise 100 percent of the student body, it is illogical to me how much power men at Dartmouth have over women, despite their equality in numbers." Wait a second.

TV technology must be accessible to all

To the Editor: Students may be annoyed or even angry that to watch TV could cost so much money next year ("TV watchers to face $300 box fee," April 6). On another note, it should also be known that despite requests starting in September of 2006, these set-top boxes are not accessible to people with disabilities.