Abbye Meyer


A Fork in the Eye

Look around. There are forks and eyeballs rolling through the aisles, across the back of the Green, seeping onto the graduation stage.

Home of the Cheese

It took me two years to find it, hidden away on the corner of West and Maple. It took me two years of aimless searching, dissatisfaction and complaining to walk up the stairs and onto the porch of Dartmouth's best little secret: Foley House.

One Last Jab

Apparently I'm as clueless as an embarrassed adolescent, a child who hasn't yet realized the world around her.

Not Even Naked

In this, the spring of my senior year, I have finally completed my first rite of passage as a Dartmouth student.

Crossing Borders

When some friends came to visit Hanover a few weeks ago, one of them said that Dartmouth seemed so much bigger than she expected.

Go for the Turkey

The wise are certainly out this week. They're everywhere, and their genius is emerging, advice is flowing.

Lost in Collis

I lost my identity last week. I had thought it was just a stupid Dartmouth College ID card, but then I lost it.

The Winter of Dis-Content

When I was trying to get into my car the other day, I slipped on some ice and slid under the vehicle.

Poke a Nipple

I walked into my house the other day to find two friends sprawled on the couch. "Come sit down with us," they said.

Over the Carnival

I guess Winter Carnival is indeed the stuff of myths and movies. And with the wizardly theme of "There's Snow Place Like Home," I nominate myself as the Dorothy, for I believe that I am indeed the daughter of the Carnival, the tiny protagonist put on a long road of struggles to search for happiness and resolution. My first introduction into the world of Winter Carnival (and of Dartmouth culture), a whopping three years ago, began much like Dorothy's introduction to the land over the rainbow -- I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I wasn't in Kansas (or Wisconsin) anymore. Since the big announcement ("The End of the Greek System 'As We Know It'") had been made only two days before my first Carnival, the opening ceremony was a little weird.

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