Keeping Up with Yuna Kim: Morning Rituals

If you know me at all, you might know that my favorite time of day is right when I wake up in the morning — something that not a lot of people, especially college students, would agree with me on. For me, there’s something so exciting and refreshing about the early morning: the crisp morning air, ...


Nightlife at Dartmouth: the Push and Pull of Webster Avenue

February 19, 2019 10:05pm

The scene at play is familiar: you and your friends approach Webster Avenue, shivering in a thin fracket, wondering where you’ll hide said fracket and casually planning the order in which you’ll visit the various fraternities. An underlying hum of music reverberates from the various house basements into the night, and as you get closer, the familiar smell of Keystone Light curls under your nose. 


Keep on Swimming: Trajectories of Confidence

February 12, 2019 11:57pm

This isn’t another article about the Dartmouth “duck syndrome” trope that’s been discussed half to death. We get it! Kids here want to put up a good front. The best front. They want the Goldman Sachs job, the place at a top med school, the hot significant other who will become their alum trophy spouse to have supergenius, Dartmouth-green-clad babies with. 


Going the Distance

February 12, 2019 11:56pm

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is definitely in the air. As people make plans for this upcoming Thursday night — whether that entails finding a special someone in a frat basement, having a romantic dinner out with a partner or perhaps celebrating another annual Single’s Awareness Day with friends — some will find themselves wrapped up in conversation over the phone, facing the less-than-ideal but unfortunately inevitable reality of a long-distance relationship.


"Prime Time" for What?

February 12, 2019 11:58pm

You should really finish up that problem set, but you should also show up to that social event you planned. You should turn in that internship and job application ASAP, but you should also be sleeping more to manage your health.


Learning to Say No

February 12, 2019 11:52pm

We’ve all experienced the absolute joy that results from cancelled plans. Maybe that time you once allotted for your club meeting can now go toward that coveted extra hour of sleep, or you can get one episode further in your latest Netflix binge. 


Sing Your Heart Out

February 12, 2019 11:51pm

Valentine’s Day is either an excuse to go on a romantic date with a significant other, a time to gather a group of gal-pals and watch sappy rom-coms, or a reason to treat yourself to that overpriced box of assorted chocolate truffles. Whatever you are planning for Valentine’s Day, I just want to remind you that it is also a time when we can show ourselves a little extra love. 


Editor's Note

February 5, 2019 9:59pm

We have different ways of dealing with stress. Some will write down everything they need to get done in the next 24 hours and go down the list, chipping away at a seemingly large mountain of to-dos and don’t-forgets. 


Take a Hike, Sometime

February 5, 2019 9:27pm

“Here we have a story of injustice, betrayal and diehard survival,” begins Matt Gannon ’22. Three guys set out to the mountains, only to return 10 hours later with many miles under their feet and even more stories to share.