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Break-Ups at Dartmouth: Is It Really the End?

(10/04/23 6:25am)

Ah, fall at Dartmouth. The foliage is at the peak of its brilliance, the river is still warm enough for a daily dip and, if you’re tired of on-campus activities, you can take a trip to the Norwich farmer’s market or go apple picking. These elements create the perfect storm for a romantic escapade! At Dartmouth, fall is the season of love and excitement as the new academic year starts. Or is it?

Vest Day Ever: Spotlight on ‘Vest Monday’

(10/04/23 6:10am)

Despite limited clothing store options within walking distance of campus, Dartmouth students can be considered to be quite fashionable. On any given day, students can be seen adorning the hottest trends, dipping into the styles of 30 years ago or perhaps sporting a thrifted sweatshirt after a trip to Listen Thrift Store. Take a stroll across the Green on a Monday, however, and you may notice an unusual abundance of something else: vests. 

Flair, ‘Newbie’ Shows and Wake-ups: How Clubs Welcome New Members

(10/04/23 6:15am)

It’s the start of a school year: That means new classes, new faces and for most student organizations, new members. The excitement that comes with welcoming a new class manifests in unique ways for different clubs as they do their best to help these members, who are often also new to Dartmouth, find a sense of home. At a school where the majority of students participate in some type of extracurricular group, these communities can grow to feel like family. And in true Dartmouth style, a lot of that starts with tradition.

I Say, You Say: The Method to the Drill Madness

(10/04/23 6:20am)

At 7:45 a.m. three to four times a week, eight Dartmouth students stumble into a room in Dartmouth Hall and repeat something in German roughly translating to “Ricardo will go to the store today” back to a drill instructor. The instructor gestures wildly, enunciates and, if a student makes a mistake, gets down on a knee, repeating the phrase slower and more deliberately. To an outsider looking in, Dartmouth’s drill system, formally known as the Rassias method, is quite the case-study in unconventional ways to teach. So, how did drill start, and what is its purpose? 

After rainy summer, peak foliage season returns in full swing

(10/03/23 9:00am)

As fall foliage season nears, Dartmouth students and Hanover businesses are preparing for an increase in tourism over the next few weeks. Foliage is expected to peak in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region between Oct. 5 and Oct. 15, according to the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism’s website. As of Sept. 27, only 10 to 15% of the leaves have changed color, though more colors are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. 

Montalbano: Partisanship Is the Greatest Obstacle for the Supreme Court

(10/03/23 8:00am)

At the present moment, trust in traditional institutions is dwindling in the United States. According to a Pew Research poll last July, 54% of Americans hold an unfavorable view of the Supreme Court — the lowest ever since Pew started tracking in 1987. Nonetheless, this disapproval for the Court is not a universally held belief. The same poll indicates that there is a clear gap of approval between Republicans and Democrats. Approximately 68% of Republicans hold favorable views of the Court, while only 24% of Democrats do. This strikes at the core of the issue that has plagued the Supreme Court in recent history: politicization.

College’s ‘mental health plan’ puts spotlight on wellness resources

(10/03/23 9:05am)

On Oct. 10, the College is slated to announce a “mental health plan” in collaboration with the JED Foundation, a mental health and suicide prevention non-profit organization. According to Dartmouth News, the plan will include increased mental health training, mentorship programs and effectiveness tracking metrics, alongside other initiatives. 

All living past and present U.S. Surgeons General convene at Dartmouth for panel on mental health

(10/03/23 9:10am)

On Sept. 28, Dartmouth hosted U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and his seven living predecessors for a panel discussion titled “Future of Mental Health and Wellness.” The event ran from 1 to 3 p.m. in Leede Arena and was moderated by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta. More than 1,400 people attended the event in person or watched online, according to Dartmouth News.

Q&A with Adria Brown ’15, newly-appointed Native American Program director

(10/02/23 9:00am)

In July 2023, Adria Brown ’15 was appointed as the new director of the Native American Program, which works to support the Native American student community at Dartmouth. Brown sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss her own experiences as a Native American student at Dartmouth and share her goals for the program.  

Men’s soccer builds on victory against Princeton to defeat Penn, the 2022 Ivy League Champions

(10/02/23 5:00am)

Ivy League play is in full swing, and at the conclusion of the second week of the season, Dartmouth men’s soccer sits alone at the top of the standings. After a long and arduous pre-season that took them across the country playing tough competition, it seems that the team is ready to take on the perpetually competitive Ivy League soccer landscape. 

Trends: Despite Shorter Attention Spans, the Most Popular Movies are Getting Longer

(10/02/23 6:00am)

A few weeks ago, I finally made the commitment that most moviegoers had made months before me: I sat down to watch “Oppenheimer” in theaters. When the credits rolled, I was mesmerized. Its stunning visuals and masterful storytelling transfixed me at every turn. Despite this, I couldn’t say that the movie’s quality surprised me. Nearly everyone I knew had seen it by the time I did and had given it equally effusive praise. 

Dartmouth celebrates Yom Kippur

(09/29/23 9:00am)

On Sept. 24, a substantial number of Dartmouth community members attended services to celebrate the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, a day of atonement marked by a 25-hour fast of no food or drink. According to Hillel executive director rabbi Seth Linfield, more than 200 people attended events surrounding Yom Kippur, which included a pre-fast meal and services the following day. 

‘He was the spirit of this place’: Buddy Teevens ’79 honored with candlelight vigil and football victory

(09/29/23 7:05am)

The light of several hundred candles was not nearly enough to emulate the brightness Buddy Teevens ’79 was to the world. But on Saturday night, a couple hours after football beat Lehigh University 34-17 in its home opener, approximately 400 mourners gathered for a candlelight vigil on the Green to honor Teevens, who died last week following injuries sustained in a bicycle accident in March.

Former President Phillip J. Hanlon ’77 leaves behind decade-long legacy of expansion

(09/29/23 9:10am)

In the fall of 1973, when Phillip J. Hanlon ’77 arrived in Hanover from his hometown of Gouverneur, New York for his first year as a Dartmouth student, he enrolled in English 5 with English professor Donald Pease. In the decades since, Hanlon’s struggles in that course have become a recurrent story in his speeches and throughout his 10 years as president of the College. The lesson highlights how Hanlon was able to overcome self-doubt and become a “transformative” leader, Pease said.