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Racial identity informs Greek experience, students say

(10/17/14 2:30am)

In summer 2013, Alpha Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority hosted a Bloods and Crips-themed party — spurring campus uproar, national media attention and, eventually, policy changes meant to reprimand cultural insensitivity in the Greek system. Noah Smith ’15, a member of Phi Delta Alpha fraternity, said the controversy led him to question how he fit into a community that some were calling racist.

Hanover Yama closes, ownership swaps

(05/19/14 10:40pm)

After five years in Hanover, Yama Restaurant II will gain a new owner, a new name and perhaps a new Japanese-Korean menu by June, manager Yong Jeon said. Yama will continue to operate at its West Lebanon location, Jeon said, but will close its doors in Hanover this Friday because the responsibilities of running two restaurants proved overwhelming for the restaurant’s owner, Pissung Hwang Kim.

College to announce MOOCs this month

(05/14/14 10:49pm)

The College will announce its first four massive open online courses, hosted in partnership with the edX online learning platform, later this month. Though the College originally hoped to launch its first MOOC this fall, followed by three additional courses during the 2014-15 academic year, director of digital learning initiatives Josh Kim said the College now plans to release its first course early in 2015.

Protests echo across campuses nationwide

(05/08/14 12:35am)

In recent months, colleges across the country have seen a spate of demonstrations regarding issues of identity, with students demanding greater inclusivity on their campuses. Many resemble Dartmouth’s April “Freedom Budget” protests, when over a dozen students occupied College President Phil Hanlon’s office for two days, demanding a point-by-point response to a list of over 70 demands regarding issues of diversity.

Gilbert trial prompts campus discussion

(03/30/14 10:50pm)

Though the extent of its impact cannot be concretely measured, the acquittal of Parker Gilbert ’16 will likely further campus discussion of sexual assault, said College administrators and members of organizations that seek to address sexual violence. The trial and verdict, they said, may also discourage future victims from reporting and perpetuate false conceptions of assault.

Gilbert '16 trial: Judge dismisses two charges

(03/25/14 10:10am)

North Haverhill—Judge Peter Bornstein ruled to dismiss two of the prosecution’s eight charges against Parker Gilbert ’16 – the charge of oral penetration, as well as one of two charges of anal penetration – before trial proceedings began Tuesday. Bornstein said that the state failed to present sufficient evidence that Gilbert engaged in sexual penetration of the victim’s mouth by overcoming her through the actual application of physical force, physical violence or superior physical strength.

Gilbert ’16 trial: Prosecution calls five undergraduates, expert witness

(03/20/14 7:12pm)

The prosecution resumed its case against Parker Gilbert ’16, a 21-year-old former Dartmouth student accused of rape, late on Thursday morning. The prosecution questioned an expert witness about delayed disclosures of sexual violence and five Dartmouth undergraduate students, including the complainant’s roommate. As a general practice, The Dartmouth does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

Gilbert '16 trial: Defense cross examines complainant, prosecution calls further witnesses

(03/19/14 7:24pm)

The trial of Parker Gilbert ’16, who is charged with rape, resumed Wednesday morning with a cross-examination of the alleged victim. During the course of the day, the jury heard testimony regarding the events of the night of the alleged assault and the conversations that followed.

Gilbert '16 trial: Attorneys deliver opening statements, prosecution begins case

(03/18/14 7:17pm)

The trial of Parker Gilbert ’16 began Tuesday morning as attorneys delivered opening statements to a courtroom filled to capacity. In these arguments, counsel for the state said that Gilbert, 21, entered the room of a female undergraduate student uninvited and raped her. The defense stated that the acts of the night were consensual.

Editors' Note

(03/06/14 10:46pm)

This campus delves deeply into discussing certain issues. We talk endlessly about our D-Plans, meal plans and fraternity culture. This term especially, we have started to confront the complexities of race, class and sexual violence at the College. These issues are tremendously important, and it is phenomenal that we devote time and effort to understand them.

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