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(05/06/11 2:00am)

Dartmouth students like gossip and secrets but sometimes the mundane "who's rushing where" and "what's happening when" just doesn't do it for us. There's always so much to be explored beyond the sometimes shallow surface of this school you just have to know where to swim.

Goldsmith to elevate Kim's leadership skills

(05/06/11 2:00am)

Leadership coach and adjunct Tuck School of Business Executive Education professor Marshall Goldsmith never stops moving. With roughly 10 million American Airlines frequent flier miles and homes in California and New York, Goldsmith is on a plane at least 200 days a year, according to his daughter, Kelly Goldsmith. As an executive educator, Marshall Goldsmith works with high-profile leaders from major companies including Alan Mulally, chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company, and Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of Girl Scouts of America and most recently signed College President Jim Yong Kim as a client.

Job vacancies persist in College divisions

(04/22/11 2:00am)

Due to the recent creation of new student health-related positions in the Dean of the College division, the College is currently operating with an unusually high number of job openings, according to Gavin Henning, director of administration in the Dean of the College division. Various administrators have also been "vulnerable" to recruitment by other organizations due to feelings of general unease surrounding last year's $100-million budget cuts and administrative restructuring, acting Director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership Pam Misener said.

Cheater, Cheater?

(04/15/11 2:00am)

Imagine you've just been accused of an academic honor principle violation. Your professor calls you into her office, your work in hand. Your palms are sweating and your stomach is in knots. It could be a missing citation, a little too much collaboration or paraphrasing-turned-plagiarism. She informs you that she is obligated to tell the Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office about her suspicions. How did this happen?

Briefly Noted

(04/11/11 2:00am)

Big Green starting quarterback Connor Kempe '12 was arrested for marijuana possession on April 4, according to the Hanover Police Department. Kempe will be charged with a violation on the civil level instead of the criminal level, according to Kempe's attorney George Ostler '77. "They chose to proceed on a civil level, which is not unusual for how the police proceed against young people who have never been involved in the system before," Ostler said in an interview with The Dartmouth. Kempe will appear before the Lebanon District Court in May and will likely be penalized with a $500 fine, according to Ostler. After playing in all 10 games and throwing eight of the team's 10 touchdown passes this fall, Kempe posted a 54.2 completion percentage, throwing for an average 165 yards per game. In the 2009 season, Kempe saw an increase in playing time, starting five consecutive games after quarterback Alex Jenny '10 was injured. Kempe, Athletic Director Harry Sheehy and head football coach Buddy Teevens declined to comment.

Committee to assess COS assault response

(04/04/11 2:00am)

College officials formed the Committee on Standards Sexual Review Committee to examine the COS procedures regarding sexual assault cases at the College, Assistant Dean of the College for Campus Life Kate Burke, who is chairing the new committee, said in an interview with The Dartmouth. After students and community members provide further feedback, the committee comprised of three students, two faculty members, an administrator and Burke will present its recommendations to College President Jim Yong Kim and the dean of the College, according to Burke.

Conference highlights cyber security

(03/29/11 2:00am)

Cyber security researchers and government officials gathered at the College from March 23 to March 25 to share and discuss the latest developments in critical infrastructure protection, according to the conference's keynote speaker Shari Pfleeger, research director at the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, a Dartmouth-based consortium of 27 universities, national labs and nonprofit research institutions. Speakers at the conference emphasized ways to prevent outages in important infrastructure systems and to protect networks from malicious cyber attacks, Pfleeger said.

Transitioning in Hope of a Better Place

(11/19/10 4:00am)

When Pam Misener, the acting director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership and the adviser to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, came to Dartmouth 10 years ago, most openly transgender students at the College chose to transfer. Now, increased resources and awareness have created an environment more welcoming to transgender and gender non-conforming students, she said.

Assembly committees still working on recs.

(11/17/10 4:00am)

In the seven months since Student Body President Eric Tanner '11 took office, Tanner and Student Assembly members have worked to organize a new issue-based committee system and have moved away from programming events fulfilling two of Tanner's campaign platforms. The committees have yet to release any of the recommendations to administrators, however, though that has been their primary project thus far.

Daily Debriefing

(11/10/10 4:00am)

Student Assembly and the College's Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program are looking for students to design a poster that outlines the risks of mixing energy drinks and alcohol. In light of recent incidences in which college students throughout the country became dangerously intoxicated after drinking Four Loko alcoholic energy drinks, College administrators worry that students do not realize the hazards of consuming such drinks, according Cyrus Akrami '11 and Max Yoeli '12, the co-chairs of the Assembly's Committee on Alcohol Harm Reduction. The student who submits the winning poster will receive a monetary prize, they said.

Mulley chosen to lead DCHCDS

(11/08/10 4:00am)

As a young attending physician, Al Mulley '70 helped a family to decide whether to perform a tracheotomy on their elderly relative with end-stage lung disease. At first, Mulley said, he tried to approach the problem quantitatively, but as he watched the family grapple with the choice, he realized they were far more concerned about quality of life than probability of survival. In the years since, Mulley has dedicated his career to ensuring that the medical decision-making process is a collaboration between health care professionals and informed families.

'11 Guy: Whenever something bad happens, a forum happens.

(11/05/10 3:00am)

This year has been chock full of controversial issues on campus, but anyone who has delved into Dartmouth's history would be struck with a serious case of deja vu. Anytime a "new" issue comes to light, students and administrators spring into action and organize a forum. Often hosted at a fraternity, the events are given a provocative title and are lauded for "starting a campus dialogue" and "creating a bridge between different campus groups." While we seem to be talented at starting discussions, these conversations never lead to action or noticeable change. Dartmouth seems to suffer from institutional amnesia a year or two later, the exact same issues flare up again. So here is a timeline of forums, protests and controversies over the last 11 years, beginning with the extremely contentious Student Life Initiative.

Daily Debriefing

(10/27/10 2:00am)

Acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears and Provost Carol Folt discussed the College's voluntary reaccreditation process, overseen by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, at Tuesday's Student Assembly meeting in Collis 101. The reaccreditation committee, comprised of nine administrators from New England colleges and universities, will be on campus Nov. 14-17 to speak with undergraduate and graduate students, administrators and faculty, according to Folt. The committee will host an hour-long open forum for students to voice their opinions about the College. The campus visit is the culmination of two years of work by administrators and faculty, who presented a 100-page self-study report to the committee, Spears said. The College expects to receive reaccreditation within several months of the visit, according to Folt. Student Body President Eric Tanner '11 also previewed a brief Homecoming video, designed to show students the importance of Homecoming not only to the College but also to the community. The video is being distributed to students via BlitzMail this week.

Daily Debriefing

(10/18/10 2:00am)

The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education has awarded the Policy Research Shop at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy a three-year, $750,000 grant to introduce a new methods class and create a plan to develop the Policy Research Shop model on a national level, according to a College press release. The Policy Research Shop, a program created six years ago in which students conduct non-partisan research on political issues affecting Vermont and New Hampshire, has seen students create over 50 policy reports since its founding. The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education comes from the U.S. Department of Education. The new class will focus on local governance, according to the press release.

Jobs are for Snobs

(10/08/10 2:00am)

When I arrived at Dartmouth a naive little freshman from the hippie enclave of Seattle I had no concept of the terrifying ordeal that is corporate recruiting. Goldman and I weren't on a first name basis and I didn't (and still don't) know what consultants do. At first, I was put off by what seemed like a lack of diversity in career options open to Dartmouth students.

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