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Lane: Medicare is in Danger, and Few are Watching

(07/01/22 8:00am)

Many are worried about the projected impending bankruptcy of the Medicare Trust Fund, which is currently spending more money than it brings in. Theoretically, if nothing changes, the fund will become insolvent in 2028 according to Medicare’s actuaries, and the Congressional Budget Office estimates by 2030. The worry is likely overblown. If Congress lets Medicare go insolvent, seniors backed by AARP — one of the strongest lobbying powers in America — would turn out in droves and all of Congress would be applying for unemployment. For its own sake, Congress can’t let Medicare go broke. Perhaps they will raise new taxes, lower benefits, or simply print more money, but they will do something. Seniors vote in higher proportions than any other age group, and Congress is rightly afraid of making them mad.

Lyme Road housing project resumes with modified location

(06/23/22 5:05pm)

The College announced on Thursday that the housing project on Lyme Road — a proposal to create undergraduate housing on Garipay Fields, around 30 minutes north of Baker-Berry Library by foot — will move forward, with one substantial change: The proposed apartments will relocate west, across Lyme Road, to the north end of the former golf course and Pine Park. 

Senators Rob Portman ’78, Jeanne Shaheen speak about war on Ukraine

(06/21/22 9:00am)

The Dickey Center for International Understanding and the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy co-sponsored a bipartisan conversation titled “The Defense of Ukraine” between U.S. senators Rob Portman ’78 (R-Ohio) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) on June 17 at Hanover Inn. The event, which was also livestreamed, was attended by approximately 400 local community members, students and alumni visiting the College for reunions. The conversation highlighted the role of Russian disinformation, the United States’ longstanding commitment to Ukraine and the importance of retaining public support for Ukraine. 

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