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Khan: We're the Worst

(02/04/20 7:05am)

Ask people at Dartmouth how they spend their time out of class. Specifically, ask them how they feel about the non-academic aspects of Dartmouth. You’ll hear a lot of responses. Some will tell you this school is no good anymore compared to its fabled glory days. Others might complain that the House system is ineffective and completely fails to compete with the Greek system. Then there are those who believe the administration hates the Greek system, coupled with the students who feel the administration’s policy toward Greek organizations is far too lenient. The particular gripes might differ, but the general sense of dissatisfaction remains.

Leutz: Cabin Fever

(01/30/20 7:20am)

Most of us know the famous Daniel Webster quote about Dartmouth College: “It is sir, as I have said, a small college. And yet, there are those who love it.” Certainly, I am among one of those who love it. There are very few other major universities endowed in the same way with the privileges of proximity that come with a small, liberal arts college feel. However, there are costs that accompany these privileges. 

Teszler: Time for a Fair Trial

(01/30/20 7:25am)

If a juror declared the defendant innocent before the trial even began, would you consider that fair? Of course not — but that seems to be a perfectly acceptable standard for Sen. Rob Portman ’78 (R-OH), despite his “moderate” bona fides when it comes to impeachment. Explosive reports that former national security adviser John Bolton can provide firsthand confirmation of the President’s corruption have yet to yield any definitive statement from the Senator. 

Tung: Not so Funny

(01/28/20 5:05am)

As I scrolled through TikTok over winter break, I came across multiple videos of people jokingly expressing how much they want to die or how bad their mental health is. There are even song lyrics repeatedly used to create these videos, which seem to rack up hundreds of thousands of views. After seeing this for the first time, I didn’t know how to react. 

Colin: Constructive Complaining

(01/28/20 5:10am)

It is so easy to complain. When something is annoying, all we need to do is voice our complaints to the world, and instantly our feelings are validated and consoled — so the line goes. If we get really lucky, someone might even share our grievances. Then we get to relish in the back and forth of complaining with someone else as we unite in self-pity and relieve the burdens of our inner demons. And sure, complaining is cathartic. But while complaining provides short-term satisfaction, constant complaining and catastrophizing fosters a culture of unhappiness as we drag each other deeper into the hole of negativity.

Cedar: Culture Matters

(01/23/20 7:10am)

Culture matters. The sentence’s brevity belies its gravity. After a few frenzied days of threats and debates about targeting Iran’s cultural heritage sites, we’ve seen the triumph of legal frameworks and precedents that prevent the deliberate destruction of culture. These laws, treaties and conventions are all important, and to ignore them flagrantly is wrong and weakens our country’s moral standing.

Towle: We Did Start the Fire

(01/23/20 5:05am)

Two weekends ago, I eagerly gathered my snowboard, snow pants and puffy parka and boarded the shuttle bus to the Dartmouth Skiway to participate in my first-ever snowboarding class. Upon reaching the Skiway, I noticed the barren mountains, void of the fluffy white blanket of snow that would normally be present this time of year. What’s more, as soon as we began moving around outside, we began to sweat with almost no level of physical exertion. It was the middle of January in New Hampshire — and yet, we were sweating.

Holzer: Yang is onto Something

(01/23/20 5:30am)

 Today, the concept of a universal basic income is synonymous with Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend.” The self-proclaimed “MATH” candidate likes to use his campaign’s cardinal policy proposal — sending every American adult $1,000 per month ­— as a panacea for the country’s myriad problems. These include climate change, poverty, racial divisions and the gender pay gap — all ambitious goals to announce in just the second Democratic presidential primary debate.

Somewhat Secure

(01/21/20 7:05am)

In Round 2 of a fight that started four years ago, the Justice Department and the FBI are pressuring tech giant Apple to create “backdoor” access to its iPhone encryption software. The request comes as the FBI investigation into a shooting at a Pensacola, FL, naval base looks for information on the shooter’s iPhone.

Verbum Ultimum: An Expedient Decision

(01/17/20 7:10am)

This past December, the College offered admission to some 547 early decision applicants for the Class of 2024. These applicants applied under a binding agreement — if accepted, they had no choice but to attend Dartmouth. While this admission cycle’s numbers are a slight decrease from the 574 students admitted through early decision last year, they are still startlingly high; the College admits almost half of its freshman class through early decision. For the Class of 2022, early-decision admits made up 49 percent of the incoming class. This trend is consistent with practices in the rest of the Ivy League — but that doesn’t make it a good idea.