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Keith Boykin ’87 discusses race, student activism at virtual Rockefeller Center event

(10/16/20 6:00am)

On Wednesday evening, the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy hosted the Orvil E. Dryfoos ’34 Lecture, delivered this year by CNN commentator Keith Boykin ’87. His lecture covered a variety of issues ranging from America’s changing demographics to the upcoming election.

Material kits allow students to work hands-on from home

(10/12/20 6:00am)

Though nearly all classes remain remote this fall, labs and other project-based courses have found ways to maintain the experience of hands-on learning. Some courses have adapted to the limitations of virtual instruction by shipping material kits, which include everything from rock samples to small presses for printing, to each student.

Fifteen campus services employees laid off, furloughed or faced with reduced hours

(10/09/20 6:47pm)

Fifteen campus services staff members have been laid off, furloughed or had their hours reduced over the past three months, according to an email from vice president for institutional projects Josh Keniston to the campus services division on Wednesday. Additionally, 26 campus services employees have opted to take advantage of Dartmouth’s voluntary early retirement offer. The College will not hire replacements.

Q&A with Chuck Sherman ’66

(10/09/20 6:05am)

For Chuck Sherman ’66, the “Big Green” isn’t a suitable symbol for Dartmouth. His take? Why not a moose! Although the “Big Green” has become the de facto representation for Dartmouth athletics since replacing the Indian in the early 1970s, the College has never officially adopted a mascot. Sherman, a retired policy researcher at the National Institutes of Health and a regular at Dartmouth football games, hopes to change that. 

College program aims to help bring cancer research to market

(10/09/20 6:00am)

The newly funded Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer, which has now begun accepting applications, aims to support cancer researchers in bringing their academic projects to the commercial world. The project, announced on Sept. 28, has received $1.4 million in donations from a group of five Dartmouth alumni and will attempt to raise $15 million by 2022.

Dartmouth researchers find link between political party and views on Electoral College legitimacy

(10/08/20 6:00am)

Democrats view an electoral “inversion” — when a candidate wins the Electoral College vote but not the popular vote — as less credible than an election in which the same candidate wins both the Electoral College and the popular vote, according to a new study whose authors include government professors John Carey and Brendan Nyhan.

Q&A with orchid collector Alan P. Brout ’51

(10/05/20 6:00am)

In pre-pandemic times, the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center greenhouse — which is currently closed due to COVID-19 — was a popular spot for students looking to escape Hanover’s bitter cold. Visitors could wander among tropical, sub-tropical and desert rooms that remain warm year-round. One of the more impressive features of the greenhouse is the 1,500-plant orchid collection, which fills two rooms — one cool and one warm. First donated by Alan P. Brout ’51 in 1996, the orchid collection comes from around the world — from Africa to the Andes.

Zoom usage raises questions about student data, security

(10/02/20 6:05am)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the video-conferencing platform Zoom has dominated higher education, with many colleges and universities adopting the technology as a temporary substitute for in-person instruction. Though Zoom allows students to remain connected to their academic experience, as well as with family and friends, the wide-scale adoption of the platform has raised questions around student data and privacy.

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