Hanover Scoops to open on Main Street in early May

The ice cream store will be located in the space previously occupied by The J List.

by Kristin Chapman | 4/7/22 5:10am

by Lona Girardin / The Dartmouth

Ice cream will return to Hanover this spring for the first time since the closure of Morano Gelato in 2020 and subsequent Nugget Scoops, with the opening of Hanover Scoops in early May. The new ice cream shop will be managed by Kim and Scott Smith, Upper Valley business owners who own The Ivy Edit in Hanover and multiple businesses, including an ice cream shop, in Woodstock, Vt. 

Kim Smith said that she and her husband saw an opportunity to expand their ice cream business with the closure of The J List clothing store in January. The clothing store occupied the space next to where The Nest Kitchen currently operates. Kim added that they were also inspired by the success of their business Woodstock Scoops, which they opened in July.

“[Morano Gelato] was always an amazing spot for [ice cream],” she said.“I thought, ‘Hanover’s kind of the same situation [as Woodstock]. There’s no ice cream shop.’ And so we said, ‘We should go in there and do this.’” 

Hanover Improvement Society manager Jeff Graham said that he appreciates the proximity of Hanover Scoops’ location to the College.

“There was a big void after Morano Gelato left, and I think every college town needs a great ice cream shop,” Graham said. “I just felt like [Hanover Scoops] would be a perfect fit, and it kind of makes sense because we have a great place to eat on the Nugget terrace with The Nest and then go to a movie and then go get ice cream after a movie.”

According to Kim, the ice cream at Hanover Scoops will be sourced from Mountain Creamery and potentially some other local vendors. She added that they will serve ice cream as well as chocolate and vanilla soft serve and maple creemees, in addition to rotating seasonal flavors.

Smith said that her daughter Alison Smith manages The Ivy Edit and will also oversee operations at Hanover Scoops. 

Agatha La Voie ’24, who works part-time for the Smiths at The Ivy Edit, said that the Smiths have involved her and the other employees in picking out logos for Hanover Scoops. She added that she was excited about the upcoming Hanover Scoops opening, since it will provide ice cream within walking distance of the College. 

“I definitely plan on going –– I’m so excited. I loved [Nugget Scoops], and I was so bummed that it closed down,” she said. “I love Ice Cream Fore-U, but not having to drive and being able to just walk into town and get ice cream is going to be so great.” 

Kim said she looks forward to the opening of Hanover Scoops and hopes to begin hiring employees for the upcoming season.

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