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Editor's Note

(10/19/16 5:28am)

When the editors first suggested “sex” as a theme, it was mostly because both had run dry of deep, profound theme ideas. After throwing around increasingly silly article ideas varying in seriousness (one potential survey question simply read, “Anal?”), however, Lauren and Hayley found that there is a lot to explore when it comes to the sex lives of Dartmouth students.

Wien: A Love Letter

(10/12/16 5:05am)

“Of course, women so empowered are dangerous. So we are taught to separate the erotic from most vital areas of our lives other than sex. And the lack of concern for the erotic root and satisfactions of our work is felt in our disaffection from so much of what we do. For instance, how often do we truly love our work even at its most difficult?

Womanhood at Dartmouth

(10/12/16 5:01am)

My grandfather went to Dartmouth, as did my uncle and my cousin. Growing up, the word “Dartmouth” became synonymous with my grandfather and my family, probably due to the hours I spent listening attentively to my grandfather’s passionate accounts of the time he spent at the College, a place I soon understood had a profound impact in shaping the person he is today. But, as an alumnus who, like so many Dartmouth students, fell in love with what many call “the best place on earth,” did he think that in the years to come the person that would be continuing his family legacy would be a woman? Probably not.

Editor's Note

(10/12/16 5:00am)

The leaves are changing, the weather is cold, the coffee in my dorm is 48 hours old. Happy week five. But enough with the moving poetry, or as Lauren maybe more aptly described it, “shoddy rhyme scheme.” In her defense, Hayley briefly considered Googling what couplets are. But, remembering who she is as a person and that she is sleep deprived, Hayley thought to herself, “Who cares.” While the first five sentences of our editors’ note seem to be trying to aggressively prove otherwise, at Dartmouth we have a lot of very talented and driven women.

Guo: The Accordion Player

(10/05/16 4:28am)

The year is 2069. I hover over the unsent email in my inbox, the beginnings of a response visible in the notification. “Dear Ms. Guo, Thank you for your manuscript submission. Unfortunately…” I summon the will to open it. “Unfortunately, we do not believe that our agency is best equipped to represent your work at this time.”

Cool Runnings

(10/05/16 4:26am)

There is something constant about running. Whether it is the recurring movement of your feet below you, the wind bracing your cheek or the blurred colors passing by, running becomes smooth and continuous. Within this repetition, runners often find that other thoughts or concerns fade away, and they are left solely with a clear mind.

We're Still Watching

(10/05/16 4:24am)

What requires the stamina of varsity athletics without any of the physical exertion or risk? What phenomenon has swept the nation, from adolescents to elders: binge watching television. This activity, which some might even classify as an art, combines the joy of a child watching cartoons on Sunday mornings with the escape from stressful adult responsibilities.