Editors' Note

by Kylee Sibilia and Novi Zhukovsky | 10/23/19 2:25am

by Clara Pakman / The Dartmouth

Climate change has made sustainability an increasingly important topic in our daily lives. And with the 2020 election approaching, environmental issues have been at the forefront of many political debates, in addition to taking on a greater presence in Dartmouth students’ lives. Whether you’re using a to-go container from Foco, recyling paper in the library or participating in conversations about emissions and green living on campus, it has become impossible to ignore the ways in which the world is preparing to conserve resources and be more mindful of how our actions affect our planet. 

This week, the Mirror profiles the sustainable living center and explores how youth education and mentoring groups at the Center for Social Impact facilitate sustainability in the Upper Valley. We also unpack sustainability as it relates to relationships, exploring how people sustain friendships at Dartmouth and beyond, and whether or not Dartmouth students experience the “sophomore slump.” Whether it refers to sustaining human contact or sustaining resources, we find that sustainability means not just creating change in the present but continuting to foster it in the future. The fate of your world — whether that be your social sphere or the planet you live on — depends on it.

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