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The Golden Nugget

(01/25/23 7:15am)

Looking around the Class of 1953 Commons this term, not much has changed. Bake My Day still has baked goods, the salad station still has salads and the soup station still has, well, soup. However, upon my arrival to campus, I could not stop hearing about a change to what is perhaps the biggest staple of college dining — chicken nuggets. And after I had the opportunity to try them, I immediately understood what all of the excitement was about. 

The Legacy of MLK at Dartmouth

(01/25/23 7:20am)

Why do we forget what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for? In life, he was resented. In 1968 — the year of his death — nearly three-quarters of the American public disapproved of him. To the vast majority of white people, he was radical, disruptive and dangerous. To his peers, he was too passive, too patient. Some younger Black activists thought of his nonviolent approach as ineffective and adopted more extreme measures, mocking King all the while. 

Dartmouth Dining Services introduces new combo specials, lowers prices after further increases

(01/24/23 10:08am)

Following concerns voiced by Dartmouth Student Government, Dartmouth Dining Services — which implemented several price increases after the interim break — reversed at least one of these increases. The price of the burger special, which had previously increased by 30% to $13, was lowered back to $10. In addition, Dartmouth Dining introduced new special combos at the Courtyard Cafe that are equivalent to the values of the lunch and dinner meal swipe equivalencies. 

Brazilian students, professors react to Jan. 8 insurrection on democracy in Brasília

(01/24/23 10:00am)

On Jan. 8, supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, former president of Brazil, stormed various government buildings in the country’s capital Brasília, including the Brazilian Congress, Presidential Palace and Supreme Court. The attack came just days after President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s inauguration. Following two voting periods in October, leftist President Lula won the runoff election with 50.9% of the votes over the  then-incumbent Bolsonaro.   

Chinese LSA+ to be offered in Taipei for the first time

(01/24/23 10:10am)

The Asian societies, cultures and languages department announced that it will offer the Chinese Language Study Abroad program — which has not run since 2019 due to COVID-19 policies and travel restrictions  — at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan this fall. Dartmouth had previously hosted the LSA+ at Beijing Normal University since 1982.

'Unapologetically himself': Thayer School of Engineering researcher Luke Veenhuis remembered for his humor, academic passions

(01/24/23 10:20am)

Some 20 friends arrived at Luke Veenhuis’s funeral donning shorts and Hawaiian shirts, according to Veenhuis’s childhood friend Ben Braun, a testament to Veenhuis's laid-back personality and sense of humor. In high school, in the lab and throughout his life, Veenhuis uplifted those around him while being immensely committed to his passions. 

Oak Hill ski trails undergo improvements, aim to reopen in December

(01/24/23 2:53pm)

The Oak Hill-Storrs Pond Recreation Area plans to expand its trails for recreational and varsity cross-country skiing and is set to open to the public in December 2023, according to director of skiing and women’s Nordic head coach Cami Thompson Graves. The College is partnering with nonprofits Hanover Improvement Society and Friends of Oak Hill to widen pre-existing trails, add new routes and install lights, Graves said.

Namwali Serpell gives reading of elegiac novel at Sanborn

(01/20/23 7:10am)

Namwali Serpell, born in Lusaka, Zambia and currently living in New York, is a widely acclaimed author and professor at Harvard University. Her latest book, “The Furrows: An Elegy,” was named one of the 10 Best Books of 2022 by the New York Times and one of former president Barack Obama’s favorite books of 2022. On Jan. 18, Serpell read excerpts from her new novel and engaged in a Q&A session at Sanborn Library. 

Political Economy Project hosts lecture on Russian censorship in Ukraine

(01/20/23 10:00am)

On Jan. 18, the Dartmouth Political Economy Project invited Russian and comparative literature professor Lada Kolomiyets to give a lecture on the history of Russian censorship in Ukraine. The lecture, “Russian Censorship in Ukraine: The Dark Side of Translation,” was delivered in-person in the Rockefeller Center to an audience of around three dozen students, professors and community members.

Student Wellness Center, Academic Skills Center reopen featuring debut of ‘tranquility room’

(01/20/23 10:05am)

The Student Wellness Center and the Academic Skills Center jointly debuted a new location on the first floor of Baker-Berry Library on Jan. 11. The reopening also included the launch of a tranquility room — a wellness-focused space implemented by members of Dartmouth Student Government’s mental health committee. 

The Run: Rust-Buster

(01/20/23 6:05am)

On Saturday morning, my alarm sounded at 5:30 a.m. to signal the beginning of a long day of competition. I hopped in the shower quickly, popped some bread in the toaster, grabbed my bags and headed out. Stepping over the forgotten Domino's pizza that my housemate had presumably ordered late the night before — a common occurrence after a Friday night out at Dartmouth — I walked through the light snow to the bus. My team was set to travel down to the new track at New Balance in Boston to compete in the Suffolk Icebreaker Invitational. This was the first race of the season for many of us, so the main purpose was to reintroduce ourselves to competition and eliminate any rustiness we had accumulated during the off-season —  something we call a “rust-buster.”

Petition to save the Woodworking shop during Hopkins Center renovations garnered over 750 signatures

(01/19/23 10:00am)

More than 750 Dartmouth students, faculty and alumni signed a petition to keep the Woodworking Workshop open and accessible during the ongoing renovation of the Hopkins Center. The petition seeks to minimize the closure time of the Workshop, provide necessary power tools and find a larger space for the interim location, according to Thayer School of Engineering Ph.D candidate Mimi Lan, who co-wrote the petition and coordinated outreach efforts. 

Geisel researcher Vicki Sayarath remembered for her selfless attitude and sense of drive

(01/19/23 10:05am)

A sixth-generation Vermonter, Vicki Sayarath dedicated her life to improving the nutrition and health of her community through research, often navigating a male-dominated field. Before her death on Nov. 14, 2022 at age 61, she spent 17 years conducting research at the Geisel School of Medicine’s Epidemiology department and raised two daughters — Maya and Melanie — with her husband, Bouaketh John Sayarath. 

Editors' Note

(01/18/23 7:00am)

Hello there, Dartmouth. How’s your third week of winter? Are you settling into familiar routines? Coming back from the library past midnight, brushing your teeth in the fluorescent lights of the dorm bathroom mirror and going to sleep after 30 to 45 minutes of scrolling through your social media of choice? Me too.

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