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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Skiing finds success at Winter Carnival

The Big Green returns after an absence last year due to competition at the Harvard Carnival.

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Courtesy of Cameron Wolfe

Last weekend at Winter Carnival, the Big Green finished in second place overall, with a fifth place finish from Tatum Witter ’25 in the women’s Nordic race and top-five finishes from Cameron Wolfe ’23 and Cooper Camp ’26 in the men's event. 

In the slalom, Dan Gillis ’26 led the men with a third-place finish, while Allie Resnick ’25 and Zoe Zimmermann ’26 placed fifth and sixth, respectively. For many skiers, including Resnick, this year’s Winter Carnival marked their first time competing at the event. Last year during the Winter Carnival, the Big Green missed out due to competition at the Harvard Carnival. 

“I think a few years ago, they had a GS [giant slalom] scheduled, but this was the first time I’ve actually skied there,” Resnick said. “[This weekend] was so special. We had our friends out there, our family, and it was two perfect, beautiful days.”

Resnick attributed much of the team’s success to the chemistry that’s helped them prepare for the event and support each other.

“[On the team], it doesn’t feel like there’s a big power dynamic,” Resnick said. “There’s so much that I learned from the freshmen, from the seniors, from the fifth years — everyone has their role on the team and we all work together and try [to] perform as best as we can together.” 

This was especially true when Dartmouth went up against the University of Vermont and the University of New Hampshire, while seven Nordic skiers were away competing at the U20 championships in Slovenia. 

Wolfe described a similar level of camaraderie that aided the team’s effort during the annual Nordic trip to SilverStar Mountain Resort in British Columbia.

“[The trip not only] gives us an opportunity to train really hard, but also we live in houses together, cook meals together, eat dinner, do all that together,” Wolfe said. “We learn about each other, figure out who [we] are and [grow alongside] each other.”

From training together to competing together, Dartmouth skiing ensures that each member is rooted on. Nordic skier Dustin Hay ’27 describes his experience at the finish line. 

“[Saturday] with the Mohawks and just running up the hill, seeing the crowd on both sides as your coach is yelling at you [was incredible],” Hay said. “And then I went across the finish line, and to see [Wolfe] and [Camp] there and [hug] them … it was really cool.”

The “Mohawks” Hay referenced are a Ski team tradition where first-year men dye and style their hair in green mohawks, while first-year women dye their hair a vibrant, hot pink. 

For Wolfe, being a spectator was as much a part of the experience as participating in the race itself. 

“A lot of our friends were there, so we got to cheer with them for the women, which was pretty cool,” Wolfe said. 

Resnick credited the support of the crowd and her teammates for energizing her toward the end of the demanding race.

“[The best] thing was coming down on my second run of the slalom, hearing all of my friends and seeing the whole crowd at the bottom,” Resnick said. “There’s no feeling like it, skiing the last few gates of the course when you’re tired and exhausted — having everyone at the bottom carrying you through the finish. [That] is the [best] feeling ever.”

As Wolfe described, that support bleeds into the team’s preparation as well. 

“Freshman year, I remember getting to campus [and] kind of doing my own thing — not really being part of the team as much,” Wolfe said. “[But] I've learned over the years that they're your best support group.” 

The teams expressed gratitude for their success at the Carnival and  for the family they’ve found along the way. 

The Big Green will compete at their last carnival of the season, Williams Carnival, starting on Friday Feb, 16.