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Women’s rugby shows impressive grit in close defeat

(10/27/23 5:06am)

As the rain poured down on Oct. 21, women’s rugby fell just short of Harvard University with a final score of 19-17. Despite the final result, the team showed impressive grit and adaptability — especially given the rough weather conditions present at the game. Head coach Katie Dowty — coaching her ninth season at Dartmouth — said she was proud of how hard the team fought throughout the game.

Student Government Senate discusses response to Israel-Hamas war, changes to residential life

(10/26/23 9:00am)

On Oct. 22, the Dartmouth Student Government Senate met for its sixth weekly meeting of the term. Led by student body president Jessica Chiriboga ’24, the Senate discussed campus responses to the Israel-Hamas war and goals to further cultivate community in residential dorms.

Editors' Note

(10/25/23 1:24pm)

Something spooky is in the air. And it’s not the scariness of how quickly the time comes around for me to write my biweekly Editors’ Note. The heaviness of the October gloom that is settling in all around us is getting to me slightly. This fine Week 7 has proved, once again, that you can most certainly blink and another Dartmouth term will have passed its midpoint. 

Embracing the Cold: Adapting to Hanover’s Weather

(10/25/23 6:30am)

Fall is right at its climax: Pumpkin-flavored desserts at Foco have soared in frequency, Gile hikes are occurring daily and round two of midterms are hitting students at full force. But as we approach the end of fall at Dartmouth, many students are already whispering about the cold and the coming winter: with excitement, nostalgia and for some, dread. 

Not Just a One Hit Wonder: A Look Back on One Wheelock

(10/25/23 6:05am)

The concept of an “ideal study space” often varies from student to student. Some prefer a quiet, wood-paneled space, like Sanborn Library or the Tower Room, while others enjoy the bustle of Novack or the sleek, open windows of the Irving Institute. But for some, One Wheelock, a home-y lounge tucked away in the basement of Collis Center, fulfills its own niche. The multifunctional space is both a quiet study spot and a place to hang out with friends, while hosting a variety of campus events, including Monday Microbrews and Thursday Trivia.

Connection and a Free Meal: A Spotlight on the Take Your Professor to Lunch Program

(10/25/23 6:20am)

Many Dartmouth students rarely interact with their professors outside of a classroom context. They might attend the occasional office hour or stop to chat after a lecture, but it isn’t often that they have the opportunity to truly get to know their professors. At Dartmouth, however, students have the opportunity to grab a meal with a professor of their choice through the Take Your Professor to Lunch program run by the Undergraduate Dean’s office. 

Inside GoD: Dartmouth’s Ginger Community

(10/25/23 6:10am)

Picture this: It’s the first day of classes. Nervously seated among strangers, you grab your notebook and computer in preparation for the lecture. You glance around the room, when suddenly, you get the feeling that someone is watching you. You turn your head, making eye contact with the person next to you. You notice their red hair, similar in hue to your own. As you take in your shared ginger-ness, you are confronted with a peculiar question: 

My Sister’s Sister: Students Reflect on Following in Their Siblings’ Footsteps

(10/25/23 6:15am)

College is often viewed as the first chance for most teenagers to start completely anew: an opportunity to attend school in an unfamiliar location with completely different people. But what if your sibling also attends, or has attended, Dartmouth? My own sister, Annmarie Allos, is a ’23 and graduated in the spring. Since I’ve arrived at Dartmouth, I’ve reflected on the paradox of meeting new people in a new environment while still being known as Annmarie’s little sister.

William Rodgers III ’86 gives a talk on economic inequities

(10/24/23 9:05am)

On Oct. 17, the economics department and the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy hosted William Rodgers III ’86 in a lecture titled “Cases for Economic Equity” as a part of their series on Inequality, Discrimination and Opportunity. Rodgers, the current vice president and director of the Institute for Economic Equity at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, presented four cases on recognizing and addressing economic inequities.

McKinsey Global Institute partner delivers lecture on net zero transition

(10/24/23 9:00am)

On Oct. 17, McKinsey Global Institute partner Mekala Krishnan gave a talk titled “The Net Zero Transition: What It Will Take, Cost and Bring.” During her lecture, Krishnan discussed the world’s responsibilities in transitioning towards net zero emissions by target years 2030 and 2050. Business administration professor at Tuck School of Business Anant Sundaram moderated the event. 

18th annual CHaD HEROES event raises $700,00 for childhood healthcare

(10/24/23 9:10am)

On Oct. 15, the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center hosted its 18th annual CHaD HERO fundraiser event on the Green. The event, which had over 3,100 participants, consisted of three individual races and raised more than $700,000 to support CHaD’s programs, director of CHaD community fundraising events Olive Isaacs said. 

College releases ‘Commitment to Care,’ its finalized strategic mental health plan

(10/23/23 5:28pm)

On Oct. 23, Dartmouth released its “Commitment to Care,” a strategic plan for student mental health and well-being, outlining five long-term “strategic goals” and 10 short-term “action items” that are set to occur this year. The document came into fruition after the College partnered with the JED Foundation, a nonprofit focused on fostering emotional well-being, in 2021, and the “Commitment to Care” is their response to the JED Foundation’s findings on campus.