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The Game Ends, and a New Chapter Begins

(05/17/23 6:05am)

In sports, there seems to be one mantra that reigns supreme: Don’t quit. For many athletes, to quit is to fail. This attitude is deeply ingrained into the mind of every athlete from a young age. However, there are both positive and negative effects from this supposedly all-encompassing edict. While Dartmouth athletes excel in the realm of scoring rugby tries, poke-checking incoming wingers on the ice rink or making the stop on the one-yard line, juggling a varsity sport on top of Ivy League academics can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. 

Reflection: Just Another Bitch On Your Frat Lawn

(05/17/23 6:25am)

Last Friday night, my friends and I sat down to smoke on the border of the sidewalk and the lawn of a fraternity — one that anonymous, bored Fizz users might deem “top haus.” As we talked quietly amongst ourselves, a window opened from above. Voices began shouting into the dark: “Get off our lawn!” One figure threw down a large piece of what seemed like posterboard, which caught in the wind and missed its mark by about 20 feet. The figures then called us bitches, and a couple proceeded to yell, “I’m going to fuck your mom.” 

Howe’d You Get Those Books?

(05/17/23 6:15am)

After almost a full academic year of living in the Lodge, a dorm located off Hanover’s Main Street, I have learned that nothing is truly that far in Hanover — unless I try to motivate myself to go to the library on a freezing day. In that case, I would much rather not submit my paper than make that cold trek to the stacks. This winter, as my motivation to study dropped with the temperature, my saving grace was the discovery of the Howe Library, Hanover’s public library. Just a minute from my dorm and open daily, this hidden gem quickly became my go-to study spot, saving me from my winter blues.

The Passion Behind “The Scene”

(05/17/23 6:10am)

As soon as I came to Dartmouth, I knew that I was going to play in some kind of band. In high school, I played the drums and bass, and I hoped to continue pursuing my passion for music in college. But what I didn’t expect was to play in every student band that performed during my sophomore summer, in settings from poorly attended darties in backyards to raucous summer evening performances in sweaty chapter rooms. I didn’t expect to co-found two student bands, Exit 13 and Tightrope, that are still going strong without me — or to play with The Stripers in some of the biggest concerts of the summer. Though I only play with one band now, Gibberish, I feel like a full-fledged member of Dartmouth’s lively student band scene. 

Palestine Solidarity Coalition organizes protest on anniversary of the Nakba

(05/18/23 9:00am)

On May 15, approximately 70 students, staff and community members participated in a protest organized by the Palestine Solidarity Coalition of Dartmouth College to raise awareness for the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, the displacement of the majority of Palestinian Arabs in 1948.

College hosts 51st annual Powwow on the Green, lū’au on Baker lawn

(05/16/23 9:05am)

On May 13, the Native American Program at Dartmouth held its 51st annual Powwow on the Green, which featured ceremonies, dances and a meal to honor the Indigenous community on campus. The Powwow was followed by a lū’au on May 14, organized by Hōkūpa’a, the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander student group. 

Dartmouth hosts Africa Week

(05/16/23 9:00am)

From May 8 to 13, the Dartmouth African Students Association hosted its first Africa Week since 2019, celebrating African identity and culture on campus. The program, which had been suspended due to the pandemic, returned after its four-year hiatus, DASA announced in a campus-wide email on May 5. DASA first held Africa Week in May 2017, the email stated. The week was spearheaded by the Africa Week Committee, a group of community members across various organizations. 

Tuck School of Business hosts Gov. Chris Sununu as part of speaker series

(05/12/23 9:05am)

On May 8, the Tuck School of Business hosted Gov. Chris Sununu, R-N.H., for its View from the Top speaker series. Sununu spoke about his experiences in public service and fielded questions — both from moderator Dean Matthew Slaughter and audience members — about potentially running for president in 2024.

Downtown Hanover evolves with Duende opening, Hanover True Value closure

(05/12/23 9:00am)

In recent weeks, downtown Hanover has seen two changes to its store and restaurant offerings. On April 14, Duende, a traditional Spanish tapería, opened for business, according to restaurant owner Juan Garcerán GR’16. The next day, local hardware store Hanover True Value closed as owner Sonya Campbell retired, according to the store’s Facebook page. Hanover True Value first opened in 1918, The U.S. Sun reported.

Hillel and Chabad programs co-sponsor Prospects for Peace Discussion

(05/11/23 9:05am)

On May 9, Hillel at Dartmouth and the Hilary Chana Chabad House co-sponsored “Prospects for Peace: A Discussion about Potential Steps Forward in the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” which featured a conversation with two fellows from The Washington Institute for Near East Policy: Ghaith al-Omari and Dennis Ross.

Q&A with Frederick Sessions Beebe ’35 writing professor Jeff Sharlet

(05/11/23 9:00am)

Jeff Sharlet, a literary journalist and the Frederick Sessions Beebe ’35 writing professor, recently published “The Undertow: Scenes From a Slow Civil War,” a nonfiction book and New York Times Bestseller that explores America’s growing, extremist right-wing movement. As an author who has been writing about alt-right movements for the past 20 years, Sharlet describes “The Undertow” as an exploration of events of the last decade. The Dartmouth sat down with Sharlet to discuss the book and his other experiences in journalism.

‘Ahead of his time’: Albert LaValley remembered for brilliance and generosity

(05/11/23 9:10am)

Film and media studies professor emeritus Albert LaValley, nicknamed Al, was described as “feisty,” “eclectic” and “ahead of his time” by his close friend and former Dartmouth colleague James Brown. LaValley founded the Dartmouth film and media studies department, one of the first departments to integrate history, theory and production in the Ivy League, according to the department’s website. 

Carey Callaghan ’83 and Jennie Chamberlain elected to Town Selectboard, chairman Peter Christie defeated

(05/10/23 9:00am)

At yesterday’s annual Hanover Town Meeting, Carey Callaghan ’83 and Jennie Chamberlain were elected to the Hanover Selectboard, receiving 596 and 545 votes, respectively. Selectboard chairman Peter Christie, who has served on the board since 2002 and as its chair since 2011, was defeated after receiving 427 votes. Callaghan and Chamberlain will serve three-year terms.

A Decade of Dali

(05/10/23 4:12pm)

On May 5, the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Three computer science department faculty members — professor Lorie Loeb, professor Daniel Rockmore and staff member Tim Tregubov — founded the organization in 2013 to provide an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience working on projects that could have real-world impact, according to Loeb. 

Editors' Note

(05/10/23 6:00am)

With just a few weeks left of the term, time seems to slip through our fingers. Students snap graduation photos outside of Baker, smoothie-drinking sundress wearers dot the Green and the sun’s shimmering rays set later each day. Memories made this year are starting to settle, and we hope that you take some time for yourself this week to reflect on how this term has felt for you.  

Dartmouth Athletics names Sammy McCorkle as interim football head coach for 2023 season

(05/10/23 5:00am)

On Monday, Dartmouth Athletics officially named Sammy McCorkle as interim head football coach, according to a press release from Haldeman Family athletics and recreation director Mike Harrity. The announcement promptly followed the completion of the football team’s spring training on May 6 with the Green and White scrimmage.