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Do Numbers Speak Louder than Words? Students weigh in on Dartmouth’s National College Ranking

(05/10/23 6:05am)

In the most recent annual U.S. News & World Report university rankings, Columbia dropped from the number two spot to 18 after they admitted to submitting inaccurate data to U.S. News that was used to place their ranking. Following this news, many Dartmouth students posted on Fizz, an anonymous online social media forum, making fun of Columbia’s drop while also semi-sarcastically celebrating Dartmouth’s higher rank than Columbia, as Dartmouth holds the number 12 spot. 

Hanover Selectboard candidates make final pitch to community before election

(05/09/23 9:05am)

On Thursday, Dartmouth Student Government and the Dartmouth Civics Student Association hosted a candidate forum in advance of the Hanover Town Meeting and the Hanover Selectboard election today. Three of the candidates running for the two vacant seats on the Selectboard attended the event — Carey Callaghan ’83, Jennie Chamberlain and Peter Christie. At the forum, Callaghan, Chamberlain and Christie each stated that the lack of affordable housing is the most pressing issue that Hanover residents currently face. 

Dartmouth students and state legislators voice opposition to ‘parental bill of rights’

(05/09/23 9:00am)

On April 18, the New Hampshire State House Education Committee held a public hearing over Senate Bill 272, known as the “parental bill of rights.” According to House representative Loren Selig, D-Strafford, approximately 400 people, including legislators and members of the public, testified for or against the bill from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Art History and Music FSP students reflect on their experiences in Rome and Vienna

(05/08/23 6:00am)

While Hanover and the Upper Valley may have vibrant arts scenes in their own regard, each year Dartmouth students who crave more than what Hanover has to offer participate in Foreign Study Program (FSP) experiences tailored specifically to the arts. This spring, 12 students traveled to Rome to study Art History with professor Ada Cohen and professor Steven Kangas from Dartmouth’s art history department. Likewise, 14 students forwent a Hanover spring for the opportunity to study in Vienna with music professor Sally Pinkas. In addition to Dartmouth faculty, both programs were supported by local professors and staff at onsite facilities in each respective city.

Review: Lizzy McAlpine’s performance in Boston exhibited her versatility as a musician and performer

(05/08/23 6:05am)

By 6 p.m., on May 1, a line of teenagers clad in floral maxi skirts and leather jackets snaked past the drunken pre-game chaos of Fenway’s sport-themed bars, over the David Ortiz Bridge and onto the urban side-street past it. Boston’s House of Blues wouldn’t open their doors until 7 p.m., but these devoted concert-goers bided their time, happily sacrificing an hour to secure a spot on the General Admission floor to see Lizzy McAlpine. Amidst Fenway’s boisterous atmosphere, as Red Sox fans filtered into the neighboring stadium, the hum of whirling anticipation and wistful melodies echoed down Lansdowne Street, outside the stadium’s high green walls.

College holds building cleansing ceremonies in response to discovery of Native American remains

(05/05/23 9:05am)

On April 28 and 29, the Native American Program hosted a cleansing ceremony in Silsby, Wilson and Carpenter Halls, around one month after the College announced the discovery of Native American remains in the anthropology department’s and Hood Museum of Art’s teaching collections. The buildings were closed during the event to faculty, staff and students not “directly involved” in the cleansing ceremony, Dartmouth News reported. 

Dartmouth Timber Team hosts 75th annual Ross McKenny Timber Meet

(05/05/23 9:00am)

On April 30, the Dartmouth Timber Team, a subclub within the Dartmouth Outing Club, hosted the 75th annual Ross McKenny Timber Meet on the Green. The meet featured a series of competitive outdoorsmen events between Dartmouth and 11 other universities. Dartmouth placed last at the meet, according to Timber Team captain Farrar Ranson ’23. Paul Smith College won first place overall, with Colby College and University of Connecticut placing second and third, respectively.  

Hood Museum panel discusses “¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now” exhibition

(05/05/23 6:05am)

On April 27, the Hood Museum of Art hosted a panel discussion on the exhibition “¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now.” The panel was moderated by professor Mary Coffey and featured artists Scherezade García and Sonia Romero as well as co-curator of the exhibition Claudia Zapata. 

$3.8 million golf donation sparks legal battle

(05/04/23 9:00am)

When he died in 2002, Robert Keeler ’36 left a $3.8 million endowment to the Dartmouth golf course in his will. The donation, however, triggered a lasting legal battle: When the college-owned Hanover Country Club closed for financial reasons in 2020, the Robert T. Keeler Foundation and the Keeler estate demanded the College return the money, according to John Laboe, the attorney representing both Keeler’s estate and foundation. 

The Collis Special and Its Devoted Community

(05/03/23 6:20am)

On Monday through Friday, Collis Cafe prepares a variety of lunch options, but none seem to be more popular than the Collis Lunch Special. The Special — which changes every day but follows a loose weekly pattern — even has its own dedicated GroupMe chat titled “Collis Special @NOW.” The chat has more than 1,400 members, all eager to hear the day’s Special option. 

Reflection: The Things We Carry, Part 2

(05/03/23 6:25am)

Currently, there is a pair of Nike Blazer high-tops sitting upstairs on the bottom of my shoe rack, covered in on-night grime. Somehow, even after all this time, there are still no holes in them. One of the laces is nicked from the time I had to cut the feet off my onesie on bid night because they wouldn’t fit over my shoes. The soles are just intact enough to be worn in the rain — and to stop the warm keystone from seeping in when I step in the occasional basement puddle.

Onstage in The Woods: Student-Led Theater Groups at Dartmouth

(05/03/23 6:10am)

In a tight-knit community like Dartmouth, student-led theater groups can explore powerful thematic narratives that embody student interests. Using theater as their medium, student performers instigate change and awareness among the student body. Two student groups on campus, the Displaced Theatre Company and the Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals, put on termly productions portraying stories that the campus community might otherwise not see.  

Q&A with ‘Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting’ Author Matt Richardson ’91

(05/03/23 6:05am)

Matt Richardson ’91 is an associate professor of feminist studies and an affiliate faculty member in Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This past week, he visited campus to meet with various student groups and discuss his new novel “Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting.” The novel follows the story of a Black, nonbinary student as they navigate Dartmouth’s campus in the 1980s and confront the dark secrets of the College’s history. Richardson sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss his book, his own time at Dartmouth and the book’s resonant message.

Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth host sold-out COVID-19 vaccine discussion panel and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Hanover Inn

(05/02/23 9:05am)

On April 26, the Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College hosted a sold-out roundtable discussion titled “Important Conversations Never Had — College COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Scientific, Legal and Ethical Considerations” at the Hanover Inn, followed by a speech from lawyer and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A Q&A session had originally been scheduled to take place after the panel, but the segment was canceled after Kennedy announced his last-minute appearance at the event, according to Michael Koss, a member of Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College.