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Fight Conformity

(05/18/18 7:20am)

“Live authentically.” That’s such a common thing to hear, and it’s something most people likely believe. People tend to think of themselves as genuine, and everyone constantly hears how they should explore their interests, develop their passions and otherwise form an independent identity. People seem to know that they should stand up for what they believe in. They understand that they shouldn’t define themselves by a stereotype. But unfortunately, at Dartmouth, students often ignore that.

Activism and Student Turnover

(05/18/18 7:05am)

Colleges breed social activism. Thousands of young people from every corner of the country and beyond live together on one campus, bringing with them unique perspectives on issues both personal and political. In this melting pot of opinions, viewpoints collide to create either unity or tension, and movements take root under the leadership of inspired activists. Students arrive here bursting with ideas that they’ve brought from back home, many of them eager to share these ideas with their new community. They’re fueled further by an expansive liberal arts education and exposure to all kinds of new people. Perhaps most importantly, perceived injustices within the very institutions people attend motivate them to create change at the local level.

The Next Generation

(05/18/18 7:10am)

When Eric Libre ’85 arrived for his first year at Dartmouth in 1981, he found a school that was outdoorsy, down-to-earth, health-focused and thoroughly Greek. He absorbed all he could in his 150-student pre-medicine lecture classes while the biology and chemistry majors around him furiously scribbled their notes. But Eric Libre wanted more from his Dartmouth experience than what a one-dimensional focus on STEM could offer him. He pursued his passions in the humanities, socratically engaging with the origins of modern culture through history and Italian. He worked hard, using his D-Plan to secure off-campus work and research opportunities at the National Institute of Health and at local hospitals. When it came time to pick a major on his premed track, Eric Libre excitedly told the biology department head of his plans to combine STEM and the humanities through a new bioethics major — the professor told him he “wasn’t sure that fits” under premed. Under pressure but unwilling to give up on a liberal arts education, Eric Libre majored in history modified with Italian before heading to a top medical school in 1985.

Realistic Bodies

(05/18/18 7:15am)

Society dictates the ideal body. For women, it’s thin with luscious hair. For men, it’s broad shoulders with lean muscles. And for students at colleges with deep athletic traditions, the pressure to have an “ideal” body intensifies because so many people are physically fit. As Michaela Artavia-High ’21 noted in her recent Mirror piece, “Buff: The Ideal Male Body,” the connection between the demands of athletics and body image adds a layer of complexity to how everyone, including non-athletes, views themselves.

Substance abuse and the Big Green

(05/18/18 7:35am)

Alcohol and substance use at the College forms part of a wider nationwide dialogue about high-risk behavior on college campuses. Dartmouth’s drug and alcohol policies have drastically changed over years, but most recently, the College has implemented new standards and refined current policies while continuing to offer a variety of programs that aim to reduce high-risk drinking and drug use among students. As the administration continues to evaluate current standards and programs dealing with alcohol and substance use, experts on substance use, students and alumni interviewed by The Dartmouth share their perspective on these policies.

The legacies we leave

(05/18/18 7:40am)

Prospective Dartmouth students and parents arrive wide-eyed at the College after traveling far from their homes to reach the quaint town of Hanover, New Hampshire. These visitors who come to the school may make a stop inside Rauner Special Collections Library, where guides offer information about the magnitude and breadth of the library’s collections. Visitors can interact with the collection and learn about the artifacts, which range from Daniel Webster’s hat to historic documents like “The Godfather” author Mario Puzo’s papers.

A Brief Account of a Friday Night at Dartmouth’s Greek Houses — lessons learned and experiences gained

(05/18/18 7:50am)

Most of my Friday nights are spent according to a game plan adjusted based on social events put on by the College and the Greek system; I am no stranger to the different social spaces on campus. Since joining a Greek house, I have begun to become alienated from the party crowd that gravitates toward the big events organized by other houses. To refresh my memory and be able to record the student experience in some of campus’s most frequented social spaces, the Greek houses, I needed a guide.

Dartmouth’s admissions strategy adapts and grows

(05/18/18 8:05am)

Shakily gripping his iPhone, a father zooms in on his daughter’s tense expression, as she stares at her glowing laptop. She bites her lip, holds her breath, and makes one final, definitive click before dropping her jaw. “I GOT IN!” Her mom runs into the room and screams alongside her daughter, as her dad continues to film the culminating celebration of countless AP courses, after-school activities and Common Application essay revisions.

A diverse college’s desire for diverse faculty

(05/18/18 8:10am)

In February 2016, Dartmouth announced that it had created three working groups to examine diversity and inclusivity in the College’s faculty, staff and student body. The College then announced its Action Plan for Excellence in May. The plan, which focuses on six pillars to promote diversity and inclusivity, includes a long-term plan to ensure diversity in Dartmouth’s faculty.

College grapples with question of free speech on campus

(05/18/18 8:15am)

 On Jan. 10, 2018, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, an education nonprofit that defends individual rights at American universities announced that Dartmouth had been downgraded to a “red light rating.” According to FIRE’s website, this title is reserved for universities that enforce policies that “both clearly and substantially restrict protected speech.” After this downgrade and a change in political climate following the 2016 presidential election, many individuals have begun to question the current state of free speech and political expression on Dartmouth’s campus.